NEWSMAKER: June Minto, Community Leader

first_imgShe is a beaming mother of two daughters. “My life is enriched with two awesome,talented and beautiful daughters who have blessed me with three grandchildren, thelights of my life,” Minto shares. A founding, past member of CNW’s team, June Minto, will be officially inducted as the third president of the Jamaican Women of Florida (JWOF) at the organization’s Women’s Empowerment Conference and Scholarship Luncheon this Saturday, March 23. Minto, a Jamaican who has called Florida home for the past 37 years, is also a founding member of JWOF, and has served as its vice president for the past two years. She is also an incredibly busy and successful business woman, and is a managing partner of Jamaque Incorporated, which produces Paradis Magazine. Minto is also a managing partner of the lauded Jamaican Jerk Festival, USA, Incorporated, which producers the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival. Minto’s husband of 24 years, passed away 15 years ago. To other single mothers and widows, Minto extends words of wisdom, saying, “What might seem like a lonely task doesn’t have to be with spiritual guidance and positive support systems from women in organizations like the Jamaican Women of Florida.”Always eager to uplift others, she wants other Jamaican women new to Florida to seek a thriving and empowered life, encouraging them to join JWOF for the much-needed fellowship, sisterhood, friendships, and support in establishing a new home. “Be present and involved in the political decisions that govern your local and national communities,” she says. She also advises women to always commit to opportunities to serve the community. As the president-elect of JWOF, Minto says that as president, her mission as president will be to keep the organization on its track of growth, expansion and high social impact. JWOF’s main projects include the provision of scholarships to young women, and providing support to Melody House, a home for abandoned and abused girls in Montego Bay, Jamaica. One of the organization’s greatest accomplishments, Minto says, has been its ability to establish an authentic culture of sisterhood, through fellowship and friendship. “JWOF provides an opportunity for women in Florida to impact lives, provide charitable services, and support the local community as members. We seek opportunities to help women in need,” Minto told CNW.She explains that members’ dues and contributions to fundraising efforts help to buy uniforms, pay school fees, and provide books and computers for young women and girls in need in Jamaica. Each year, the group also takes a trip to Jamaica, bringing items to distribute to girls. Minto believes that the support JWOF’s work creates a cycle of positivity. “Helping girls who are attending universities to graduate, helps Jamaica,” she says. At this year’s Women’s Empowerment Conference and Scholarship Luncheon, which is held in March to commemorate Women’s History Month and celebrate Jamaican women, JWOF will introduce a student beneficiary of the organization’s program. “We want to recognize academic excellence and community involvement in our scholarship recipients who have benefitted from transformational mentoring experiences,” Minto explains. The event panel will consist of Jamaican women making an impact, globally, in order to inspire attendees to reach for greatness within their personal and professional lives. The event also prides itself on facilitating unparalleled networking opportunities for active and aspiring women leaders who are working to change the social landscape in Jamaica, and their counterparts in Florida. Under the themes of transformation and mentorship, panelists for this year’s conference will include special guest speaker, Appleton Estate Master Blender and Creator of Fine Rums and Spirits, Joy Spence; as well as nutrition and exercise guru, Kamila McDonald; LASCO Chin Foundation, CEO, Professor Rosalea Hamilton; performing artist, writer and producer, Debra Erhardt; and merchandise executive, Sasha Dunn Belizare. Outside of this annual event, Minto explains, JWOF is heavily involved in many community-based projects throughout the year. “We join the Kiwanis of Sawgrass at their Christmas in July event to distribute school supplies and toiletries to the homeless. We partner with Goldson Spine for their August Back to School event that provides school supplies in the Lauderhill area.  We partner with Food for the Poor, which has allowed us to increase support to Melody House. We provide toys at Christmas with the For Jamaica Foundation. We partner with local churches – Holy Family, Holy Sacrament, Christway Baptist, and Parkway Baptist – to offer food at Thanksgiving and toys at Christmas. We also partner with Chef Irie to provide the turkeys for the meals they prepare. We are developing a relationship with the LASCO Chin Foundation to assist with growing their entrepreneurial program to positively reduce the impact of poverty in Jamaica.”Beyond her enormous dedication to JWOF, Minto gives her time to a number of other causes and organizations, both in Florida and Jamaica. She has been or is currently personally involved in the National Children’s Home in Jamaica, the Bustamante Children’s Hospital, the Embrace Music Foundation, the Partners for Youth Foundation, and the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant.last_img read more

BA joins the migration to 10-abreast 777 economy

first_imgThe move by airlines to adopt 10 -breast seating on Boeing 777s is gaining momentum with British Airways the latest to announce higher density aircraft that will pack in an additional  52 seats.BA is planning to introduce 10-across seating in 2018, a move that will provide passengers with narrower seats and potentially place further strain on toilet facilities.The airline will increase its economy seating on its London-Gatwick-based from 216 to 252 seats on 25 777s as it trims back the business seating by eight to 32 and doubles premium economy to 48.But it will introduce new entertainment systems with bigger screens to help distract passengers from their tight accommodations. The chief executive of BA parent company IAG, Willie Walsh, told investors the move would allow BA to lower the average cost per seat, “charge a lower price and stimulate demand”.A BA spokesman told The Telegraph newspaper that the airline was flying more customers to an expanding network of destinations.”To meet this demand, we are updating our 777 cabins to bring us into line with many of our competitors and allow us to offer even more low fares,” he said. BA is not alone in it move to introduce the more cramped configuration. Cathay Pacific announced earlier this year that it would make a similar move and airlines that already have it include Air Canada, Emirates, Etihad, Air New Zealand, KLM and American Airlines. At this stage, it still operates nine-across seating along with carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia and Delta Air Lines.The denser seating is the flip side to the cheap fares consumers are enjoying in many markets. Carriers move to reduce the cost of flying each economy seat by either reducing the seat pitch, essentially the distance between seats, or by adding an extra seat to each row. BA is planning to do this on its Heathrow-based Airbus narrow-body aircraft over the coming months by increasing A320 seating from 168 to 180 and A321 seating from 205 to 218.Seat designers have attempted to offset the reduction in seat pitch by designing slimline seats that are scalloped to maximise leg room and which have seat pans that move forward when the seat is reclined.They are also reducing the width of seats to accommodate the move from the nine-across seating airlines originally adopted for the B777 to the 10-across configuration. A similar situation has occurred with nine -across seating on the Boeing 787, which was designed with an eight-abreast configuration in mind. BA was forced to widen seats on its 787-9s  by half an inch after narrower seats on its 787-8s drew complants .On a separate issue, Mr Walsh told the World Travel Market in London that alliances such as oneworld and Star added value today but he was doubtful would exist in 10 years.“I think relationships have changed and you are seeing more deals such as joint ventures. If you go back to my time at Aer Lingus, I didn’t actually take them out of oneworld but I prepared the groundwork for it,’’ website buyingbusinesstravel reported.“What you’ve got to recognise is there’s a cost of being a member and for a small airline that cost can be greater than the revenue and commercial benefit you gain from being in an alliance.”last_img read more

Compared With Twitter & Myspace, Users Choose Facebook Login 2-to-1

first_imgIn an effort to add one more story to the list of reasons why Facebook already rules the world and can stop trying, we find that Facebook is the social-network-login of choice by nearly 2-to-1.Widget provider Gigya sent us some numbers from their social network login tool and in a three company competition, Facebook came away with 65% of the traffic, Myspace with 18% and Twitter with 17%. Gigya provides a number of widgets, from tools to share Web pages on social networks, to logging in to third party sites with your social network identity. Their widgets can be seen on sites like the Disney Store, ABC, Turner and Audible, and reach more than 250 million people each month.Gigya also shared with us the numbers when two major email and search providers, Yahoo and Google, are thrown into the login mix. Facebook still comes out with a majority, 53%, of the logins, while Twitter takes second place with 14%. Google and Yahoo! sneak in with 12% each and Myspace stumbles in with only 9% of the take. In their note to us, they made sure to mention that when a site offers more options for logging in, more people do, providing a greater variety of data on its customer base. We’d like to see if and how these numbers might change as more companies come out with competition to Facebook Connect and become more noticeable. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img Tags:#news#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… mike melansonlast_img read more

Ludhiana’s royal weddings

first_imgAs the plump Punjabi weddings get fatter, Ludhiana is increasingly becoming a witness to the hottest wedding action. Known for being the largest manufacturer of hosiery goods and bicycles, the ‘Manchester of India’ is fast becoming Punjab’s ‘Wedding Capital.’ There is a certain charm about the Ludhiana weddings. In fact,,As the plump Punjabi weddings get fatter, Ludhiana is increasingly becoming a witness to the hottest wedding action. Known for being the largest manufacturer of hosiery goods and bicycles, the ‘Manchester of India’ is fast becoming Punjab’s ‘Wedding Capital.’ There is a certain charm about the Ludhiana weddings. In fact, a typical Ludhiana wedding, is a spectacle that would dim the extravagance of the Pushkar Fair. A wedding in Ludhiana is not about a couple getting married. That, to my mind, is the least cared-for part. Of course, there are fathers and uncles, aunts and cousins, sisters and brothers and all the hustle and bustle. Vats of food are cooked, many discussions held, voices raised and perhaps a few things stolen. But the real fun is in the manner in which the whole event is planned.That,in itself, involves all of society and if it’s a really powerful wedding, then it may well involve re-writing a political party’s manifesto.Ludhiana weddings make the Olympics look like kindergarten stuff. The food counters can feed all of Nigeria, there is more liquor served than Vijay Mallya can produce and a thousand fragrances fill the air. And never mind about the bride and groom (This, despite them being the stars of the show!) As Ludhiana weddings become more elaborate and move beyond traditions, it’s the wedding planners who are becoming the most sought after breed. After all, they orchestrate dreams and make fairy tales come alive. The long affairs commence with elaborate and expensive wedding cards designed by top wedding planners of the country, which in turn are attached to branded gifts and single malts before being distributed (If you are not one of the relatives or friends invited, then be assured of a heart burn). This is just the warm up.Right from solitaire rings costing Rs 1.5 lakh each to Tag Heuer watches and BMW cars-these super expensive status symbols are given as gifts by opulencecrazy Punjabi parents to close relatives of the groom at the time of ‘Milni’-a traditional ceremony when the groom’s extended family is introduced to the bride’s relatives. The showing off during Milni caught the imagination after the marriage in a leading bicycle manufacturing family saw friends and relatives gifted with monogrammed silver plates in custom-made boxes. Gone are the days when people were happy if the groom got a Maruti hatchback.Today, even before the horoscopes are matched, you can see families poring over auto magazines and brochures to decide on the latest models and the interiors of their choice. Even brides at these weddings are a sharp contrast to the coy and demure young ladies of yore who sported a dramatic but typical pancake, kajal and bright red lipstick. Today, they are bolder and know exactly how they want to turn out on the big day. Whether it’s going au naturel or trying out a sensual J-Lo inspired glow, they are ready to shed lakhs for that perfect look. Amidst an ocean of frenzy, a bride is the lone isle of calm, provided she has everything her way- a perfect ring, a great outfit, the best guest list and the most enviable honeymoon getaway package. From the trousseau to the bridal finery, the brides these days literally design their way to the altar where they are joined by the prince of their dreams. From theme-based interiors to fairy-tale settings, decor in Ludhiana weddings will give Bollywood film sets a run of their money. And of course, having film stars in these weddings is another status symbol. One can catch them gyrating to the latest numbers. Malaika Arora Khan, Katrina Kaif, Raveena Tandon and Bipasha Basu are regulars. They come for a price, but then, money is not a problem in Ludhiana. No wonder Ludhiana flaunts some of the best marriage halls in the country. So what if the city lacks a single decent book store? And why not? After all, aren’t weddings far more entertaining than leafing through the pages of a potboiler?advertisementlast_img read more

Serving up the Christmas spirit in Melbourne

first_imgFor many, Christmas is associated with time away from work, and a home filled with family and friends enjoying a meal and one another’s time. But for a portion of the population, the festive season is one of the most difficult times of year, and instead of being a chance to give thanks, it magnifies all that they have lost.Senior mental health clinician Helen Andrianakis knows what this alternative picture looks like all too well. In her line of work, when Christmas rolls around, she hits the streets armed with donations and hands out care packages to those doing it tough. “I did the hamper outreach this week and it was really heartbreaking,” Helen told Neos Kosmos.“I’m seeing a lot of sadness, a lot of disappointment, a lot of neglect, a lot of people are in pain. Lots of people are saying they’ve got nowhere to go for Christmas; they’ve got no family.”While there are services available such as the big lunch put on at the MCG, she says it doesn’t compare to being in your own home, with your own people.With the generous care packs put together by the ladies of the Philoptochos Society from Coburg Greek Orthodox Church, over a two-week period she has given out more than 2,000 hampers while on outreach.The circumstances of those in need are many and varied, says Helen, and perhaps a reality that could be closer to home than many realise.“The message I want the community to sit back and think is ‘this could be us’,” she urged. “Every day that I approach a client I put myself in their position – that could be me. We could easily lose everything, because once upon a time, they were high fliers too. We’re not just talking about people using heavy substances but people who have lost their homes and become homeless; they have lost their businesses and have nothing; or given everything to their children and then they’re booted out of their homes; or, their wives and husbands have died and they go and live with their children who end up saying sorry I can’t cope with you.”For those who are in a position to do so, making a difference in someone’s life at this time of year can be as simple as going through the pantry or cleaning out that wardrobe you’ve been meaning to sort through all year, and seeing if there are any extras that can be given a new home.“They can put together packs with anything from toiletry items, socks, clothing, tuna, drinks, nuts, little cheese packs, even toys for the children,” she said.While these daily items are by no means a luxury for the average person, Helen says that receiving these packages means the world, and above all, shows that they haven’t been forgotten.“I don’t just drop them off and go away; I sit there and try and have a consultation with them, try and talk to them, ask them what they’re doing on Christmas Day and tell them what will be open. I know I can’t fix the world, but I make sure that at least with the things that I know are available, I can help out,” she says.While Helen admits to seeing some dire situations at work, nothing fills her with hope more than people’s willingness to help, and so far this Christmas has been blown away by people’s generosity. “I just couldn’t believe the amount of generosity that was offered through the Church and through their friends. The amount of support that was offered … it was a delight.”The collection round for Christmas Day has already been completed, but for those wanting to donate, Helen will be doing another collection round on Boxing Day and again during the first two weeks of January. To donate goods, call Helen Andrianakis on 0403 503 678.* Helen also works with children with complex care needs battling addiction passed on in the womb through their mothers. To do her part, she has launched the Lean On Me campaign to raise much-needed funds. “The money goes towards the little children, but also to the disadvantaged mothers and families who have children born with an addiction; we go out and buy what they need, like nappies, formulas, and sustenance,” says Helen. To donate, visit Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Police sends assurances about Kevino Smith Investigation

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Minister of Works puts government buildings reconstruction post hurricanes at $8.6m Bahamas Political leader to be replaced Related Items:dna, grand turk, investigaTION, kevino smith, police Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 25 Jun 2015 – Despite the Governor’s announcement and condolences on the death of Kevino Smith; Police maintain that they are awaiting forensic proof in the case of missing remains found just over two months ago in a shallow grave in Grand Turk. Today in a media release, Police said this, “Up to the time of this release, police continue to await the results of the DNA. DNA analysis can be a long and difficult task, however, it is an essential part of our investigation.”In a first statement since the April press conference following the discovery of those remains, Police also aimed to reassure residents that investigations are ongoing which includes determining how the person found actually died.“The forensic focus of the investigation has two main objectives. The first is to identify the remains and the second is to establish the cause and manner of death.”A plea for information in the disappearance of Kevino Smith was included in that late day statement, “No matter how insignificant you may think your information is, please come forward and let us know.” Update: Women robbed while exercising (21 year old Arrested)last_img read more