‘Peak Of Second Covid Wave Yet To Be Reached’: Delhi High Court Directs Centre, GNCTD To Consider Augmentation Of Further Resources

first_imgTop Stories’Peak Of Second Covid Wave Yet To Be Reached’: Delhi High Court Directs Centre, GNCTD To Consider Augmentation Of Further Resources Akshita Saxena24 April 2021 7:34 AMShare This – xThe Delhi High Court on Saturday inquired from the Delhi Government as to how it is planning to boost medical infrastructure in order to meet the potential requirements of its citizens during upsurge of cases amid the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. Noting that peak of the present wave is yet to be reached, a Division Bench comprising of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli asked 
Central Government and the GNCTD to present an action plan to augment the availability of resources. “One other aspect that we call upon both the Central Government and the GNCTD to also consider is the augmentation of further resources, keeping in view that the experts in the field are claiming that the peak of the present wave is yet to be reached,” the Division Bench said. The Court was hearing petition filed by Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, citing oxygen shortage. During the hearing, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta informed the Bench that the Centre is alive to the situation, and the matter is being considered at the highest level for provision of adequate infrastructure such as hospital beds, equipments, Oxygen, medical and para-medical staff to deal with the situation as and when it arises. As the Bench recorded Centre’s statements, it further directed the Delhi Government to also look at these aspects and present a plan that they are working on for the NCT. The High Court has also taken note of the fact that the Delhi Government is empanelling 10 IAS Officers and 14 Danic Officers to monitor the supply of Oxygen to hospitals in Delhi. “Once the complete team is put in place by the GNCTD of the IAS Offices and the Danic Officers, the same shall be communicated to all the hospitals/ nursing homes, and uploaded on the website of the GNCTD,” the Bench ordered. Also Read: “You Think Everything Will Be Served At Your Doorsteps”: Delhi High Court Pulls Up Delhi Govt For Not Arranging Tankers To Collect Oxygen Case Title: Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Charitable Trust v. Union of India & Ors. Click Here To Download OrderRead OrderTags#Delhi High Court Oxygen Shortage Maharaja Agrasen Hospital COVID-19 second wave Justice Vipin Sanghi Justice Rekha Palli Next Storylast_img read more

Prep Sports Roundup: 4/2

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailBaseballRegion 14SPANISH FORK, Utah-Easton Warren took the win on the mound as the Juab Wasps doubled up American Leadership 16-8 in Region 14 boys baseball action Friday. Skyler Hansen, Morgan Fleenor and Cameron Fenn had 2 RBI apiece in the loss for the Eagles. Written by April 2, 2021 /Sports News – Local Prep Sports Roundup: 4/2center_img Brad Jameslast_img

Watch The Grateful Dead Play A Smoking Three Hours Of Mysterious Music, On This Day in 1977

first_imgOn December 30th, 1977, the Grateful Dead played over three hours of music, as part of a four-night run, at Bill Graham‘s famed Winterland Ballroom. The lineup features Keith Godchaux on piano and Donna Godchaux on vocals.The San Francisco venue was home base for the Grateful Dead, having played there nearly 50 times between 1966 and 1978. This particular night of music featured fan-favorites like John Philips‘ “Me & My Uncle” alongside GD classics “Dire Wolf”, “Ramble On Rose”, and a scorching “Estimated Prophet”.Speculation rises between the setlist in this “official” video versus documented setlists from the night, as the video’s second set seems to include 12/27’s “Cold Rain & Snow”, and skips “St. Stephen” and “Sugar Magnolia” entirely. There is no video documented from 12/27, and Deadheads have voiced their concern on the legitimacy of 12/30’s video based on Bobby’s double wardrobe change, as he returns to the original shirt after only a song. What happened to 12/27? What about 12/30?Thanks to Chris Handy, you can watch an entire video from (most of) “12/30/77” below:Grateful Dead – Winterland Ballroom – San Francisco, CA – 12/30/77[Video: Chris Handy]Setlist Times00:00 Half Step10:46 Me & My Uncle14:35 Dire Wolf20:50 Looks Like Rain28:50 Row Jimmy37:58 Big River44:23 Bob’s Story45:30 Peggy-O52:45 Passenger56:55 Ramble On Rose1:04:07 Let It GrowSET II1:16:53 Samson & Delilah1:24:54 Ship of Fools1:34:45 Estimated1:45:30 Eyes 1:54:07Eyes Jam 2:01:42St. Stephen 2:10:59Sugar Magnolia 2:15:34Sugar Mag RepriseENCORE:2:19:52 U.S. Blues2:28:57 Good Lovin’View Setlist Timeslast_img read more

Explosive traces reported in Egyptair crash

first_imgInvestigations of the May crash of an Egyptair Airbus A320-200 while flying from Paris to Cairo are being pursued by prosecutors after investigators announced traces of explosives had been found on the remains of victims.A progress report posted by the Egyptian Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee on the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s website revealed the findings on Thursday and suggests a bomb could have been responsible for the tragedy.“The central directorate of aircraft accident investigation at the ministry of civil aviation had received the forensic report related to the victims (sic)  human remains, the report indicated that traces of explosive substance on some of the victims human remains has been found,’’ the committee’s report said.“The Egyptian aircraft accident investigation committee has transferred the case to the Egyptian Prosecution Bureau for further investigation and availed its technical knowledge and expertise to the bureau when needed.’’Egyptair flight MS-804 plunged  into the Mediterranean about 130kms north of  the Egyptian city of Alexandria  on May 19 with 56 passengers and 10 crew on board.Messages received from the plane prior to the crash indicated cockpit window temperature sensor problems and that smoke detectors had been activated.The plane’s black boxes were recovered from the sea floor in June and were taken to France for repairs before being returned to Egypt’s Civil Aviation Authority.The CAA reported in late June that data downloaded from the flight data recorder were consistent with the messages from the plane’s Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS)   of smoke in the lavatory and avionics bay. Some wreckage from the front of the aircraft also showed evidence of severe heat damage and soot.The following month it reported that analysis of the cockpit voice recorder uncovered mentions of the word “fire”.While there have been theories that a small bomb could have caused the crash,  no group has ever claimed responsibility.This contrasts with a crash in October, 2015, of Metrojet Airbus 321 that dealt a serious blow to Egyptian tourism and was quickly claimed by Islamic State.British and American agencies said early in the investigation that they believed the  Russian charter flight, carrying  holidaymakers from a Red Sea resort,  was brought down by bomb over the Sinai Desert, killing all 224 on board.Russian Federal Security announced in November, 2015, that they were certain it was terrorist attack involving an improvised bomb containing an equivalent of up to 1 kilo of TNT.However, there are still some doubts about the latest Egyptian findings.Reuters reported that two unidentified Western sources briefed on the investigation expressed reservations about the explosives findings and said a technical cause remained the most likely.The news agency said one of the sources said the traces appeared to be identical to samples previously held in stock but there would usually be tiny forensic differences.One of the sources said the traces of explosives reportedly found appeared to be identical to samples previously held in stock, whereas there would usually be tiny forensic differences,last_img read more

A fairy tale come true

first_imgSpeech by former president FW de Klerk on 8 September 2010, Pestana Chelsea bridge hotel, london.“The legacy of the first African world cup – let’s make sure it’s just the beginning”.Six years ago the Fairy Godmother – in the guise of Sepp Blatter – waved a magic wand, and announced that South Africa had been chosen to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup. For the first time in history, Africa – the Cinderella continent – had been chosen to host the world’s premier sporting event.Mind you, had it not been for a little legerdemain and the mysterious voting of the FIFA representative from Oceana, South Africa – and not Germany – would have hosted the preceding World Cup in 2006. President Nelson Mandela who had attended the announcement in 1999 with great expectations, remarked laconically “Ah well… there evidently were some aspects of the end game that we South Africans did not fully understand.”So, in the 2004 announcement, it was Africa’s turn. Sepp Blatter had all but promised that no more ugly first-world stepsisters would be permitted to jump the queue.From that moment the countdown started.Would South Africa be able to make the grade?Would an African country actually be able to deliver a top class world event?Would we be able to turn our third world pumpkins and mice into of the glittering stadiums, airports and infrastructure that the event would require?The world was skeptical. We heard again the old familiar choruses that precede all major global sporting events, wherever they are held: The stadiums would not be ready; security was inadequate; the infra-structure of airports, railways and roads would simply not be able to cope.The skepticism continued right until the eve of the event. In May this year YouGovStone, on behalf of SABMiller, carried out research among its network of influential people to establish their views on the coming event. The results were, to say the very least, discouraging:Only 29% of those polled thought that the World Cup in South Africa would be a great success;58% expected that there would be problems with security;57% thought that there would be transport and logistics problems; and59% thought that the average South African would not benefit from the event.Most South Africans, on the other hand, had little doubt about our ability to hold a successful World Cup. After all, we had already hosted very successful Rugby and Cricket World Cups in 1995 and 2003. In 2009 – at the drop of a hat – we had been able to step into the breach and host India’s wildly popular 20/20 Cricket Competition after the security situation in India had made it necessary to move the event.The fact is that one of South Africa’s strengths is its ability to manage large projects. We have excellent – and highly competitive – civil engineering companies that successfully participate in and manage large projects all over the world.If anything, South Africans were a little too optimistic. One of our leading real estate companies provided advice to home owners on how they could convert their homes into B&Bs and make fortunes during the four weeks of the World Cup. As a result, hundreds of expectant homeowners built luxury guest suites and waited forlornly for bookings that never came. Small entrepreneurs seriously overestimated the number of visitors who would come to South Africa for the event.Restaurateurs geared up for a bumper season – but most were deeply disappointed: not only did international crowds not descend on their eateries, their regular South African customers also stayed away in droves because for a whole month they were glued to their TV screens watching soccer!Despite all this, Danny Jordaan, the Chairman of the local organizing committee, and his team made steady progress.Magnificent new stadiums were built – and old ones were renovated and refurbished.New highways and rapid transit systems were constructed.South Africa’s major airports were vastly expanded and modernized. After years of being cocooned in hoardings and scaffolds, Cape Town’s new international airport emerged just before the World Cup like a gigantic crystal butterfly.In our major cities large clocks counted down the days to the opening match on 11 June.Our leading companies jumped onto the bandwagon and helped to sweep up national support. Government, opposition, religious and civil society leaders embraced one another and exhorted the nation to make a success of the event. Unprecedented security arrangements were made and special courts were established to dispense swift justice to law-breakers.In the process, South Africans also learned that the FIFA fairy godmother was not motivated solely by altruism. She made it clear that she – and she alone – would choose Cinderella’s ball gown and accessories. Apparently unconcerned about any practical implications, Sepp Blatter insisted that the Cape Town Stadium should be built in Green Point – because he thought it would look pretty with Table Mountain as its backdrop. The City would rather have upgraded the existing Newlands Stadium – or built a new stadium at Culembourg, close to existing rail and road routes. However, FIFA was adamant that it would either be Green Point – or there would be no games in Cape Town at all.Most of the accessories – including the flags, vuvuzelas and even Zumi, the World Cup mascot, were manufactured in Asia. Companies that were not official FIFA sponsors were prohibited from displaying their wares or advertising anywhere near the games. Our stadiums were suddenly flooded with American Budweiser beer – a virtually unknown product – and our own excellent Castle Lager was nowhere in sight.Nevertheless, it worked.For a glorious month South Africans laid down the burden of our divided history and joined one another in a magnificent national festival.The noise of our divisive national debate – of the Julius Malemas and right wing extremists – was drowned out by the discordant but joyous blare of the Vuvuzela.The only colours that were important were the colours of the South African flag. Hundreds of thousands of South Africans festooned their cars, taxis and trucks with the national flag.Enterprising university students developed and marketed socks, emblazoned with the flags of participating nations, that fitted snuggly over car wing mirrors.We celebrated wildly when, against all expectations, Bafana Bafana drew against Mexico. We commiserated with one another when we lost to Uruguay and had to exit the competition. Nevertheless, despite our 83rd ranking we did quite well and performed better than many other countries – including France – that were much higher up the international ladder.Once we had been knocked out, South Africans switched their allegiance whole-heartedly and without reservation to Africa’s best remaining hope, Ghana. Black South Africans were surprised that nearly all whites identified with Africa – with Baghana, Baghana – rather than with England or some other European country.When Ghana sadly – and unluckily – left the fray, many black South Africans returned the compliment and supported Holland, because of its historic ties to many of their white compatriots. Such were the times and such was the spirit that animated our people for that magic month in the depth of the southern winter.But as with all fairy tales the clock struck twelve.Cinderella had to scurry down the palace steps, and confront again the harsh realities of our national life. The party was over. The bunting was removed. Our national attention shifted from the empty stadiums to the continuing poverty and inequality in which too many South Africans continue to live. The vuvuzelas were silent. Strident voices again began to dominate the national discourse.Nevertheless, during those four weeks we had successfully changed international perceptions of our country. It was clear from another survey carried out by YouGovStone on behalf of SABMiller in August 2010 that there had been a major and positive shift in attitudes toward South Africa. The survey revealed thatfully 72% believed that the World Cup would have a very positive or positive legacy for South Africa – compared to only the 29% of those polled before the event, who had thought it would be a success.54% thought that it would bring great benefits to South Africa.61% said that, as a result of the success of the World Cup, they thought that South Africa would be a good place to hold global events of all kinds.42% felt more positive about visiting South Africa as a tourist.Unfortunately, since then we South Africans have been attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. On the soccer field of international opinion we have been resolutely scoring one own goal after another.First came the Protection of Information Bill that would give government broad powers to classify virtually any information regarding its activities in the “national interest”. The effect would be to stop whistle-blowers and investigative journalists from trying to obtain and publish information on government corruption and inefficiency.Then came ANC proposals for the establishment of a Media Appeals Tribunal that would ensure “responsible” and “balanced” reporting by the press and that would lay down stiff penalties – including prison sentences – for recalcitrant journalists.This was followed by reports of a new system of land ownership which would cap the rights of South Africans to own freehold property and that would require all new foreign landowners to have local South African partners.During the past few weeks we have witnessed a protracted strike by relatively well-paid civil servants who are demanding salary increases twice the current rate of inflation. All this threatens to send the government deficit over 7% of GDP.Alas, the silly season continues. Julius Malema continues to bellow about the nationalization of the mines. President Zuma and the ANC – with a weather eye on international credit ratings – continue to insist that this is not their policy. The increasingly divergent factions within the ANC Alliance continue to circle one another, hurling insults, before the ANC’s important National General Council later this month.The situation is back to normal.Cinderella is back in the kitchen, sitting on the ash-heap. The FIFA fairy godmother has flown off to her next assignment in Brazil – weighed down by almost two hundred million dollars in profits. The Afro-pessimists have returned in strength, confident that South Africa’s World Cup success was just a flash in the pan.However, we South Africans have always been much more realistic than that.We did not expect that the World Cup would change the underlying realities of South Africa – and it did not.It did not have much impact on poverty and inequality.It did not resolve the issues of race and class that have dominated our national discourse for hundreds of years.It did not bring the scourges of AIDS and crime to an end.Anyone who expected such outcomes would really have to believe in fairy tales.However, by the same token, all these developments have not seriously undermined the strengths that made the World Cup success possible.We South Africans are remarkably resilient and have a wonderful ability to confound the pessimists. Most foreigners who have visited our shores since 1652 have confidently predicted that the country could not possibly work. But we have proved them wrong.Nobody in 1985 thought that we ourselves would be able to end apartheid and find a peaceful solution to the spiraling conflict in our society. Yet we did.After 1994 Afro-pessimists doubted that a black ANC government would possibly be able to run a sophisticated economy. But for sixteen years it has done so – and achieved uninterrupted economic growth for thirteen of those years until bankers in the northern hemisphere upset the global economic apple cart.I am confident that we will once again prove the pessimists wrong.I do not believe for a moment that the ANC will be successful with its current assault on the media. The Protection of Information Bill will be withdrawn or satisfactorily amended; and the Media Appeals Tribunal will be shelved.The current proposals relating to land tenure will wither in the light of national and international economic scrutiny. Our farmers, together with government, will hammer out a workable approach to land reform.The ANC will successfully resolve the divisions within its Alliance. Or even better, it will split and open the way to national politics based on social and economic policies rather than on race.And South Africa will retain the Rugby World Cup next year. Just you wait and see!The glorious weeks of the FIFA World Cup are receding further and further into our collective memory – but some things will remain,Including our ability to compete with the best in the world;Including the world-class infrastructure that was created for the event; andIncluding the natural beauty and the warmth and hospitality of our people that the World Cup has introduced to hundreds of millions of potential tourists.As we all know, Cinderella, in her headlong flight down the palace steps, left something of her magic behind in the form of the crystal slipper that was retrieved by Prince Charming. The FIFA World Cup left us with a similar magic legacy: it is the shining vision of the brilliant, multifaceted nation we can and will become.This, I believe, is the main legacy of the World Cup: it has shown us the nation that we can become if we all unite behind a worthy vision and work together in the spirit of June/July 2010.last_img read more

Global award for young South African innovator

first_imgRay Maota The Intel International Science and Engineering Faire provides a forum for more than 1 500 high school pupils from about 70 countries around the world to showcase their independent research and vie for the awards on offer. (Image: Society for Science and the Public) Chené Mostert is not a newcomer to science fairs and has been a regular at the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists since she was in third grade. (Image: Hip2B2) MEDIA CONTACTS • Society for Science and the Public  + 202 872 5136 RELATED ARTICLES • Big science coming to Africa • Denel helps maths, science pupils • Yes, it is rocket science • SA academic gets top science awardWhile brushing her teeth one night at her home in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, 17-year-old Chené Mostert caught sight of the toilet that stands next to the basin in her family’s bathroom. Her mind raced to the realisation that – as she had been taught at school – cold, wet places like that toilet are ideal breeding places for bacteria.Just over a year later, an idea that crept into her head on that auspicious night has won her an international award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Isef) in the US city of Pittsburg. The award was given to her by the American Dental Association Foundation.Mostert, a matric pupil at Ladysmith High School, took home one of the prizes at the annual competition innovators in May for inventing a device that sterilises toothbrushes. Isef provides a forum for more than 1 500 high school pupils from about 70 countries around the world to showcase their independent research and vie for the awards on offer.“I take part in the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists every year, and earlier this year I was looking for an idea for a project,” said Mostert, explaining how her inclusion in the US contest came about.Her project stood out at the local expo and she was one of nine candidates chosen to represent South Africa at Isef.Not only did the bacteria-busting device win Mostert a US$2 000 (R17 000) cash prize, but she has also been invited by the foundation to return to the US for an opportunity to patent her invention in December.How the device worksAs part of her research, Mostert tested more than 150 used toothbrushes, and found more than 100 different types of bacteria growing on the bristles.“I tested toothbrushes from all the provinces and from neighbouring countries for the presence of pathogenic bacteria,” she explained to the KZN-based Witness newspaper.Four disease-causing micro-organisms were found on every one of the toothbrushes she submitted, including agents that cause gum disease and the flu, among others. Another worrying find was a herpes simplex virus, which may lead to oral herpes, an infection that usually carries symptoms such as mouth blisters, sore throat and swollen glands.“I realised there was nothing on the local market for cleaning toothbrushes, so I designed a plastic box with a rotation system in which toothbrushes can be stored and cleaned,” said Mostert.The box can hold up to four brushes and contains hydrogen peroxide. To sterilise the brushes, the user has to turn a handle attached to the box, which then puts an internal scrubbing brush to work on getting the bacteria off.Mostert is a veteran of the Eskom expo, having attended since grade three, or about nine years of age.“My mind is constantly identifying problems and looking for solutions to make our world a better place.”Keeping people healthy is one of her ambitions, and Mostert hopes to realise her dream of becoming a paediatrician one day. Her plan is to attend medical school in 2013.Scientists doing SA proudSouth Africa has had a number of scientists winning prizes for their efforts in the discipline in the past year.Professor Maryke Labuschagne was honoured with the prestigious international Kwame Nkrumah Scientific Award by the African Union in February 2012.Labuschagne, a plant breeding scientist at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein won $100 000 (R804 180) in prize money, which will be used to renovate laboratory facilities in the faculty of natural and agricultural sciences at the university, and to provide bursaries.In January 2012, Jill Farrant, a leading scientist in the field of plant responses to drought stress, was honoured as one of five exceptional women scientists in the 2012 L’Oréal-Unesco Awards in Life Sciences.Farrant is the research chair of plant molecular physiology at the department of molecular and cell biology at the University of Cape Town.In October 2011 Prof Malegapuru Makgoba was elected vice-president of the International Council for Science (ICSU).Makgoba, a trained physician and an internationally recognised molecular immunologist, joined the ICSU, one of the oldest NGOs in the world, which was established to promote international scientific activity with the emphasis on research outcomes that will benefit humanity.Another professor making international waves is Thembela Hillie of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.Hillie, born in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape, was selected by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management (MIT Sloan) in October 2011 to pursue a one-year mid-career fellowship in innovation and global leadership.last_img read more

15 Large Bendy Twist Safe Hair Hairdressing Rollers Foam Curlers Twistee Benders : Overall though I would recommend as curl result is worth it

first_imgThey are very good and strong. Just excatly what i was expecting. Perfect for the job but wouldn’t want to sleep in them. I like it but getting out of the original shape very soon. Asked for blue but got pink, but functionality is great. 3 packs of what is shown in the picture.Overall though I would recommend as curl result is worth itFirst time curler15 Large Blue Bendy Twist Safe Hair Hairdressing Rollers Foam Curlers Twistee BendersEASY TO USECAN BE USED ON WET OR DRY HAIRSMOOTH ROLLER SURFACE PROTECTS HAIR FROM BREAKAGEDIMENSIONS: 23cm X 2cmSOFT ENOUGH TO WEAR IN BED Its greats how the creates perfect curls. Great for already curly hair. I half dry and leave in over night and style the curls to my liking. Great cheap purchase for hair that gets compliments all the time. My first time using curlers so i have little experience with curlers in general, but i thought they were decent and arrived in good time. Put them in and leave them overnight makes for a tough sleep, but boy do they provide bouncy curls. Mine were so bouncy, in fact, that i ended up looking like a cherub with extra thick curls that were surprisingly stubborn to brush out. I mean my hair is on the curly/wavy side anyway so i guess i should’ve had more sense there. Therefore it’s worth noting that if your hair is prone to curling anyway, leave these in for a few hours rather than overnight. Also, make sure your hair is dry or nearly dry, because wet hair will not dry with these curlers in. Having said that, i gave it four out of five because i actually think the end bits on either side of the curlers are very annoying. They pop out and get tangled in your hair and it can mess up a perfectly nice curl. This is the first time i use the bendy rollers, i loved them, i put them there for two hours and gave me nice curls, but also made my hair smell like plastic. My first time using curlers so i have little experience with curlers in general, but i thought they were decent and arrived in good time. Put them in and leave them overnight makes for a tough sleep, but boy do they provide bouncy curls. Mine were so bouncy, in fact, that i ended up looking like a cherub with extra thick curls that were surprisingly stubborn to brush out. I mean my hair is on the curly/wavy side anyway so i guess i should’ve had more sense there. Therefore it’s worth noting that if your hair is prone to curling anyway, leave these in for a few hours rather than overnight. Also, make sure your hair is dry or nearly dry, because wet hair will not dry with these curlers in. Having said that, i gave it four out of five because i actually think the end bits on either side of the curlers are very annoying. They pop out and get tangled in your hair and it can mess up a perfectly nice curl. Easy to use but did not curl my wavy hair. Overall though i would recommend as curl result is worth it. Although i find a little more uncomfortable to sleep in as so chunky. Overall though i would recommend as curl result is worth it. These have been used a couple of times and work really well – a lovely present for my 11 year old although i am not sure she sleeps that soundly with them in. Jus only problem is that its hard to sleep with it on :/. This is the first time i use the bendy rollers, i loved them, i put them there for two hours and gave me nice curls, but also made my hair smell like plastic. These have been used a couple of times and work really well – a lovely present for my 11 year old although i am not sure she sleeps that soundly with them in. Perfect for the job but wouldn’t want to sleep in them. They stay in very well and don’t require pins. I think they are good value for money. 3 packs of what is proven in the picture. . Lots of rollers to do a whole head of hair, compared with any other rollers i have purchased. Really awesome curls, practise prior to sporting them on a night time out nevertheless. Ended up seeking like a king charles spaniel 1st time i utilised them.Its greats how the creates great curls. Excellent for now curly hair. I 50 percent dry and go away in over evening and model the curls to my liking. Wonderful cheap buy for hair that gets compliments all the time.I am combined race with prolonged curly hair, soon after washing my hair i set these in while my hair was even now moist, when they were all in i sat beneath my bonnet hood dryer that i experienced also purchased on amazon right until my hair was dry and my hair came out in gorgeous ringlets instead of my standard curls. Admittedly the ringlet have been rather large but soon after an hour or so due to the fact my hair is so very long the weght of it assist to stretch the ringlets out and it looked excellent. I acquired two sets of 15 and it took 24 rollers to protect my total head, i could likely have utilised significantly less if i experienced place a bit far more hair in some but then that would have extended the drying time.Jus only difficulty is that its tough to slumber with it on :/.I like it but receiving out of the unique form pretty soon.Over-all though i would advocate as curl consequence is worth it. While i discover a little far more not comfortable to sleep in as so chunky. General even though i would endorse as curl end result is really worth it.last_img read more

Compared With Twitter & Myspace, Users Choose Facebook Login 2-to-1

first_imgIn an effort to add one more story to the list of reasons why Facebook already rules the world and can stop trying, we find that Facebook is the social-network-login of choice by nearly 2-to-1.Widget provider Gigya sent us some numbers from their social network login tool and in a three company competition, Facebook came away with 65% of the traffic, Myspace with 18% and Twitter with 17%. Gigya provides a number of widgets, from tools to share Web pages on social networks, to logging in to third party sites with your social network identity. Their widgets can be seen on sites like the Disney Store, ABC, Turner and Audible, and reach more than 250 million people each month.Gigya also shared with us the numbers when two major email and search providers, Yahoo and Google, are thrown into the login mix. Facebook still comes out with a majority, 53%, of the logins, while Twitter takes second place with 14%. Google and Yahoo! sneak in with 12% each and Myspace stumbles in with only 9% of the take. In their note to us, they made sure to mention that when a site offers more options for logging in, more people do, providing a greater variety of data on its customer base. We’d like to see if and how these numbers might change as more companies come out with competition to Facebook Connect and become more noticeable. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img Tags:#news#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… mike melansonlast_img read more

Miles apart: Saif and Kareena spotted in two continents as the D-day nears

first_imgKareena Kapoor was in the Capital on Tuesday to promote her upcoming film, Heroine, which opens on Friday.And her husband-to-be Saif Ali Khan was spotted at the London Fashion Week attending the Burberry SS13 Collection at West Albert Lawns in Kensington Garden on Monday.Even as Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore has sent out the invitation cards and the trousseau is being designed, the actors are still mum about their much-anticipated wedding on October 16.”Whenever Saif and I do it, our fans will 100 per cent know. Nobody knows about my wedding. I want people to talk about my film instead. Whenever we decide it is the right time, we will tell the world about it. And currently, this is not the right time,” Kareena said.Reportedly, Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has congratulated Saif and Kareena for their upcoming nuptials. “I am honoured that Angelina and Brad have wished me luck for my wedding. They are lovely people and I would definitely like to meet them,” Kareena said.One isn’t too sure whether Saif is in London to get a break from all the hype and hoopla, shop for some wedding goodies or just have a bachelor vacation while his bride-to-be is busy promoting her next big release.Kareena is currently excited about the upcoming film where she is playing the lead character of Mahi Arora. “It’s a performance-oriented film and I am playing such a character for the first time which has got so many layers in it. It will definitely break my image of portraying the girl-next-door in films,” she said. “I never had any mental pressure. I always wanted to work with Madhur Bhandarkar. When I first came on the set I didnt have any pre-conceived notions about him. I came with an open mind and tried to give my best possible shot,” Kareena added.Saif was seated on the front row at the London event. The actor looked dapper in an elegant black tuxedo teamed with a polka-dotted neck-tie. He also sported a beard at the show.(With inputs from PTI)advertisementlast_img read more