PREMIUMLowest case backlog in history: Reforms make Supreme Court more productive

first_imgLOG INDon’t have an account? Register here Google Topics : Log in with your social account Forgot Password ? Supreme-Court Hatta-Ali Jokowi-second-term judiciary-system After years of reforms, the Supreme Court has improved its productivity in resolving cases, resulting in the lowest-ever case pile at the end of last year.The country’s top court produced more than 20,000 rulings in 2019 compared to 17,638 in 2018, lifting its productivity rate to almost 99 percent from 95 percent in the preceding year.Ninety-six percent, or more than 19,000, of the rulings were made in less than three months since the case was accepted by the court.Supreme Court chief justice Hatta Ali said the achievements were due to simplified and accelerated judicial processes the court had implemented over the past five years.He said the court has been modernizing itself with the establishment of e-court and e-litigation systems. The e-court had handled more than 47,000 cases and the e-litigation had been met with high participation with more than 21,000 peopl… Facebook Linkedinlast_img read more

Ship collision in North Sumatra bay kills one, injures six

first_imgPuyuh 5014 Police Boat commander Adj. Comr. FAP Silalahi of the National Police’s Security Maintenance Agency said the incident occurred at around 8 p.m. on Sunday in the port water area of Sibolga Bay.“At the time, the KM Sinar Mas Jaya was heading out to sea, while the KMP Wira Glory was entering Sibolga Port. The collision was inevitable,” Silalahi said on Sunday.Sudirman, one of the injured fishermen, said that the Sinar Mas Jaya was just about to leave the Beringin fishery to catch fish in the sea when it collided with the ferry coming from the opposite direction.“Our ship tried to avoid [the crash], but it was too late,” he said.Sibolga Port Authority (KSOP) daily operative Purwadi Herianto said the captain of the KMP Wira Glory had flashed warning lights and sounded the siren as the fishing boat approached, but then the boat veered to the wrong side of the ferry.“We are still investigating [the incident],” he added. (syk)Topics : One fisherman was killed and six others injured aboard the KM Sinar Mas Jaya when the fishing vessel collided with the KMP Wira Glory ferry on Sunday evening in Sibolga Bay, North Sumatra.The Sinar Mas Jaya was badly damaged in the mid-sea collision. All seven victims of the 24-strong fishing crew have been transported to Sibolga hospital. The fatal victim has been identified as Miswar Andri Matondang, 52.last_img read more

The Power of One

first_imgPhoto credit: andrewjbrown-blogspot.comThe parable of the mustard seed reminded me of a friend who suggested recently that I should preach some time about people who buck the trend in Trinidad these days, who are not corrupt, and don’t think we’re hurtling towards disaster in a handbasket. He thought my focus should be the ability of single individuals, “the power of one,” to go against the tide of prevailing trends.I’m not sure I gave him the response he was looking for. I wasn’t enthusiastic; on the other hand, I didn’t completely through the idea out the window. As I think of it now, perhaps I am just the sort of opposition, if you multiply me by thousands, that “the power of one” feels up against. We’re not complacent, we favor resistance, but we hesitate and we dither.If my memory serves, the Power of One as a symbol of overcoming became popular as in the early nineties with a novel of the same name set in South Africa before World War II. It traced the lonely struggles and eventual triumph of an English orphan set among British-hating Afrikaaners. The novel’s title soon had resonance in situations where one person takes on powerful systems with the courage of individual strength. Thus, in 1989, the young man in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, who stared down a column of PLA tanks, halting them in their tracks, became an example that spoke around the world of rare courage against odds even he could scarcely grasp. What became of that lonely, brave figure? He was immediately pulled out of harm’s way, and very likely suffered for his impudence, but the picture of him standing before the tanks still retains its enormous power to move and inspire.One remembers also Friday, December 1, 1955, when a black woman, Rosa Parks, boarded a crowded bus in segregated Montgomery, Alabama. A solitary individual in a big, inhumane system, she could have followed the bus driver’s instructions and given up her seat for a white person. But she was tired, not only after a long day’s work, but tired, as she later explained, of the racism meted out to her and other African-Americans every day of their lives. “No,” she said. “I won’t.”The story quickly took off. Montgomery’s 17,000 African-Americans resolved to stand firm against further injustice. A one-day boycott of the city’s bus system continued for 381 days, with Martin Luther King Jr. as its spokesperson. What began as one woman’s courageous decision on a crowded bus turned into a widespread stand against segregation and racism. On November 13, 1956, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that segregation on city buses was unconstitutional. The desegregation of buses began a month later — exactly a year after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. Rosa Parks clarifies an important feature of the “power of one.” Such outstanding figures appear to be self-explanatory, meteors streaking out of nowhere. But behind every one is a history of special influences, that is, people and history, which gave the life its moral shape and ideals. “I kept thinking,” Parks later wrote, “about my mother and my grandparents, and how strong they were.” I am sure if one could interview the unknown protester of Tiananmen Square, he would point to a similar history of antecedent influence.The situation is somewhat different in the milieu my friend envisages here in Trinidad. How does “the power of one” prevail in the situation of growing capitulation to negative feeling? What form will resistance take? I suggest that in the “power of one” the individual is always envisioned as the start of a new coalition. In all instances, historical and otherwise, where the individual chooses to stand out, the aim is not to remain solitary but to be joined by like-minded others. The point is to initiate a new community, with a different soul, marked by different goals and different ideals.Such individuals must keep trying to persuade others of the reasons for their hope. They must be grounded in the hope themselves, in a vision they embrace with their hearts, and in values they have full faith in.Vital coalitions grow from sharing this faith, as something real, not an abstraction that only persuades the mind. As Cardinal Newman once observed, “a man will live and die upon a faith; no man is a martyr for a conclusion.”The hope animating the individual’s vision must have some of hope’s standard features, namely, doggedness, patience, and an ability to live with darkness; and in a pluralistic context like ours, some additional qualities: hope must be completely without prejudice. If it’s not hope for all, it’s hope for none.The “power of one” refers to a human resource of proven social power, but this depends largely on the “one” involved, on the passion, energy, and commitment brought to the situation or the crisis. The avenues to social progress are many, but as Martin Luther King jr. – another striking exemplar of the “power of one,” reminded, “even a superficial look at history shows that [such progress] is never inevitable. It comes through tireless effort and the persistent work of dedicated individuals.” By: Henry Charles PhD Tweet Sharing is caring! Share Sharecenter_img Share 31 Views   no discussions FaithLocalNews The Power of One by: – June 18, 2012last_img read more

After critical loss to Washington State, Helton is at a crossroads

first_imgAustin Paik | Daily TrojanFootball is a fickle business. Head coach Clay Helton knows this better than almost anyone. At a football program like USC — with so much history and prestige — if you’re not winning, your seat grows hotter and hotter by the week. One day you’re the hero who turned a season around after a disastrous start; the next, your leadership is questioned after a loss to a ranked team on the road during a short week.In the 28 games Helton has led the Trojans, he has experienced it all. Last season, after a 1-3 start that led everyone to press the panic button, people questioned whether Helton was fit to lead the Trojans. But after rattling off nine straight wins, USC celebrated underneath confetti in the Rose Bowl. The criticism was nowhere to be found.As the Trojans enter their sixth game of the season, the pressure is back on the head coach and his team. Entering the season, you would’ve been hard-pressed to hear a conversation about the College Football Playoff without USC in the discussion. Redshirt sophomore quarterback Sam Darnold was Vegas’ favorite to win the Heisman Trophy. But following the Trojans’ loss against Washington State, the hype train has stalled. After two bad games, Darnold is behind in the Heisman race. USC is 4-1, but they slipped down to 14th in the AP Poll.“As a coach you kind of take a step back,” Helton said. “You’re hurting inside, but you also view your team and see how much they care. There were grown men crying in that locker room [against Washington State]. There was not one word that was said on the 45-minute bus ride from the stadium to the airport. I looked at their faces on the plane, and they were hurt.”With seven games remaining on their regular season schedule, the Trojans will now be forced to battle for their playoff lives on a weekly basis. On his conference call following the tough road loss, Helton emphasized that USC still remains in the driver’s seat.“The message to our team is that one game doesn’t define our season,” Helton said. “We had a hard-fought game on the road against a very good opponent. We just finished September. We’re 4-1, and we control our own destiny. We could not say that a year ago.”But even if USC’s position has improved from this point last season, the team’s approach remains the same.“We’re not hoping for a game to go one way or another,” Helton said. “We just have to go out there and do our job, and every goal that we have out there is there. We control our own destiny.”“Control your own destiny.” It’s a phrase that Helton has preached to his team and repeated over and over again to the media. Drawing from his experience last year, Helton realized his team had fought through worse. During his tenure, Helton has instilled a sense of resiliency in the program. Whether that means that the Trojans can come back from any deficit or bouncing back from a tough loss, it doesn’t matter.“As a head coach, you can do one of two things,” Helton said. “Because you have a failure or a loss, you can panic and try to scrap everything. Or you can believe in the men that surround you. I choose to believe in the players that surround me as well as our coaches. I really, truly believe they’re gonna get the job done.“It’s not what happens to you,” he continued. “But how you react.”While he wasn’t seen as a sexy hire, Helton has brought a Southern flair to Southern California. By combining the traditional West Coast offense with an SEC-inspired toughness, Helton’s philosophy can be summed up as a desire to have the best of both worlds. In their game against Stanford, a program that prides itself on physicality, the Trojans dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Against Texas, USC aired it out more and won on the shoulders of Darnold. But for the past two weeks, USC’s offense has struggled. While injuries have decimated the offensive line and tested the depth of the receivers, the Trojans will need more out of their offensive unit, Darnold included.Following their game over the weekend, Helton and his squad participated in “Tell the Truth Monday.” The Trojans sat down and assessed where they were as a team upon reviewing the film from their last game. USC hasn’t had a “Tell the Truth Monday” following a loss since their defeat at Utah last September. After going over a full calendar year without losing a game, the Trojans now find themselves in a do-or-die situation when it comes to the College Football Playoff. With a focus on accountability, hard work and resilience, Helton and the Trojans will try to move USC back to where the storied program is used to being: the championship conversation.last_img read more

Remaining quarter finals at Snooker’s Masters

first_imgThe remaining quarter-finals will be decided today at the Alexandra Palace.Northern Ireland’s Mark Allen will be first into action when he plays Joe Perry in the afternoon session.Later this evening, Stephen Maguire will take-on Shaun Murphy.last_img