iFixIt tears down the new Boxee Box

first_imgThe D-Link Boxee Box has just been released, and it’s already shot to the top of Amazon’s list of best-selling set top boxes, but just in case you’re holding out on buying the gadget based upon whether or not it can be easily self-repaired, the gadgetological vivisectionists over at iFixIt are already on the scene with a fresh teardown.There’s a lot of interesting details in iFixIt’s dissection. iFixIt marvels that the Boxee Box is so small: while it is three times the size of the new AppleTV iFixIt says that it’s still tiny… but the unorthodox form factor makes the internal construction of the device as strange to behold as it is fun to take apart.Inside, iFixIt found an Intel CE4110 processor, which is basically the same as that of the Google TV boasting Logitech Revue. In fact, it’s similar to the Revue all around, except that iFixIt think it’s a much more solidly constructed gadget.One of the most interesting details of the teardown? “The Boxee has a digital to analog audio converter, courtesy of Wolfson Audio! That means you can pump out 1080p video and still use your analog audio equipment. Very convenient for people who may hook up the Boxee Box directly to their computer speakers or retro stereo equipment.” Score!The Boxee Box is looking like a real winner this holiday season. Check out the full teardown below.Read more at iFixItlast_img read more