GPL Review: Players, coaches react to matchday 2

first_imgWe brought you the review of all the Premier League matches on matchday two now we bring you the reactions from the protagonists themselves. Player and coaches have reacted to their side’s game….ANTHONY COMMEY DELIGHTED AFTER FIRST WIN”We were determined to win after our defeat to Hearts. We got the breakthrough goal in the second half thankfully. This year will be very interesting by the look of things. We are prepared to do something better this season. Some of the players are now building experience. They will come good as the season goes on. We will be solid.”BUT J.E SARPONG SMELLS SABOTAGE FROM HIS BOYS”The way forward is staying on or deciding to quit because guiding the team to this level with the goal king of the competition in the team, he has not scored a goal or made an impact in the game. Having lost at home, we thought we could make amends here. It was a difficult terrain but we could have plucked at least a point. I don’t know if the boys were ready to play or something is happening somewhere. Mourinho type of things whether the players are not happy. I have put myself in the position whether to stay or not. At the appropriate time, you will hear from me.” GEORGE LAMPTEY WINS BUT CALLS FOR IMPROVEMENT”We played well in the first half but lost direction at the latter part of the half and we looked tired. At the break, we spoke to them but they still looked tired but they managed to hold Inter Allies. We have to improve on our fitness so that we play better in our third game. Our major aim is to be in the top four. This season won’t be easy. Everyone is taking a cue from last season so players and coaches are taking off early.”BUT HERBERT ADDO BLAMES INJURIES AND INEXPERIENCE “Unfortunately for Inter Allies, we were battling with a lot of injuries. Some had to go the hospital so we had six injuries. As far as I’m concerned, once you are registered you should be able to play for the team. Lack of experience gave us the unfortunate task of defending in the first half. Second half we made changes and we changed the pattern and managed to score one goal. Once again lack of experience, we had chances but failed to take them. This is the game of football so hopefully next week we will come back to our winning ways.”KENICHI IS STILL EYEING IMPROVEMENT”It is all about Hearts of Oak .Our players do the job it has nothing to do with me. We will make sure our players do better in the next game. Our players have much potential than they showed today so we have to make sure they improve next game. We are improving every day we are improving every match so next game we will be better.” AND ROBIN GNAGNE IS SHARING HIS COACH’S THOUGHTS”We were determined to win this game and by God’s grace we won. We are very happy but we are going to forget this win and think about our next game.”TOM STRAND CONGRATULATES HEARTS”I am very proud of my boys I think they did a perfect match today. I am grieving with them. I congratulate Hearts of Oak. The game plan worked and I congratulate them for the three points. Still I am very happy with my performance. This was one of our best games.” AND BEKOE IS TALKING BIG AFTER BRACE”I spoke that today was the day I was opening my pipe for scoring. I know with the help of my colleagues, this is just the beginning. We are now blending we haven’t known each other for long and we couldn’t get much time in the preseason. But with time, the sky will be the limit. The coach decided to change my role because of the game in Wa where I was heckled and it worked wonders today.”‘ –Follow Kweku on Twitter: @nana_odum. Get more updates on Facebook/Twitter with the #JoySports hashtaglast_img read more