Murphys launch Everything that went wrong with the Wii Us first weekend

first_imgWith Nintendo’s Wii U launching this weekend, we’ve come to the beginning of the eighth generation of consoles. Whether or not the machine is as powerful as the newest generation of consoles, the system — barring Walmarts and lesser-known department stores that aren’t located in cities — sold out and looks like it experienced a successful launch from a financial standpoint. However, when anxious gamers actually got their hands on the Wii U, the launch became something less than successful. From disappointing controller battery life, to the console lacking online functionality out of the box, we’re here to let you in on everything that went wrong, because sometimes it’s fun to be annoyed.Firmware update, installation, and brickingThrilled to get ahold of Nintendo’s new console and dive into ZombiU, gamers are finding that the Wii U isn’t quite useable out of the box. The controller requires a full charge, and the console requires a firmware update, rumored to be over 5GB in size. That means that even on a fast connection the process takes around an hour. That may not sound too bad, but think about that for a second — that means the Wii U requires an internet connection in order to use it straight out of the box. An hour doesn’t sound too terrible, except there are reports flying around the web that if the console loses power during the firmware update, the console bricks.If you’ve managed to survive the initial update, and it’s time to finally play a game or watch Netflix, it turns out individual pieces of software require updates. Altogether, the process takes over an hour and a half from plugging the console in to playing a game. And if for some reason you don’t have internet connectivity available, you won’t be able to use your console.Nintendo TVii, other streaming services absentOne of the Wii U’s major selling points is TVii, a sort of television hub that interacts with streaming video apps and pulls down information from sites like from Wikipedia/IMDB, is notably absent. Nearly one week before the console’s launch, Nintendo TVii was still slated to be a launch item. Since then Nintendo has stated TVii will be pushed to December, though there is no hard release date set.Along with Nintendo TVii, not all of the promised streaming video services were available at launch, such as Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus. There are also no release dates for the inclusion of those services, as Nintendo has simply said they’ll become available “in the coming weeks.”Next page: Tablet controller issues, charging for minors, and more… 1 2last_img read more