Bale does not change

first_imgHe was not called up in the next game, against Málaga, and was a substitute against Athletic. Bale, then, became an accessory: substitute in the great European nights of last season as against PSG, the first leg against Juve, against Bayern (he did not play a minute), or in the final of the Champions against Liverpool, where he came out and raised his voice. On the field (he scored two goals) and outside it, with a uñtimatum to the club: “I need to continue playing and that has not happened this season. Now I need to sit down with my representative this summer to make a decision. ” In the end the one that was marked, unexpectedly, was Zidane …Goodbye to Zidane, return and … life remains the sameThe relief lasted for Bale nine months, which took Zidane to return. The coach returned with fixed ideas for the future and one of the most clear was that in his next Madrid he would not have the Welshman. To try to make a box with it, Zizou He began to make room for him at eleven, but he was tired of his shipwrecks again. He left without minutes in the last three games (Villarreal, Real Sociedad and Betis) after defrauding again against Rayo and starring in a new controversy (he did not return on the bus with the rest of his teammates). “What I have done this weekend with Bale is clear,” said the Frenchman after the loss at Anoeta (3-1). The story that follows is known.In the last preseason, Zidane had the departure of the Welshman (“If he leaves tomorrow, better”), but in the end he had to swallow the toad and have him on the roster. He tried to make a clean slate and a new account and, at first, it seemed that the situation could be redirected. In the first three games, Cardiff gave an assist in the victory in Vigo (1-3) and rescued Madrid with a double against Villarreal (2-2), but … Groundhog Day: injuries, trouble and Bale , to the bench. Slowly, what seemed like a problem being solved, took a turn. A successful move by Zidane (he was not called up for Madrid’s first meeting in the Champions League in the first meeting of the Whites at the Bernabéu in this competition against Bruges to give him rest) bothered Bale. He was late to the stadium: the game started at 18:55 and he agreed at 18:59. That same month of October he left with his team and returned injured. He did not play in a month and went back to the Welsh team. There and after qualifying to play the final phase of Euro 2020, he again starred in a controversy: Bale was jumping with happiness with a banner that put “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order Wales” (“Golf. Madrid. In that order”), something that unnerved Real Madrid, who dedicated a loud whistle to him in the next game he played at the Bernabéu, against Real (3-1).Athena Pictures & nbsp; (Getty Images) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Athena Pictures (Getty Images) Against PSG, in the first leg of the Champions League, the relationship between Zidane and Bale began to be definitively broken. The Frenchman left him on the bench on the most important night until then of the season and That bothered the player, as revealed by his national team.or. His passivity caught the attention of the wardrobe. Bale was caught on camera yawning on the bench. Afterward, he was slow to take off his tracksuit to enter the field. And, finally, he did not answer Ramos’ call at the end of the game to thank the Bernabéu for his support. The Welshman began not to hide his disconnection gestures. In Butarque, as a substitute, he went to the locker room while the first part was being played, he reacted very timidly to Cristiano’s first goal at Juventus Stadium and in the break from the return against Juve, where he started, he responded with A smile when the Portuguese crack, at the break, asked for more aggressiveness. Zidane left him on the bench for Lucas Vázquez …FELIPE SEVILLANO & nbsp; (DIARIO AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>FELIPE SEVILLANO (DIARIO AS) Gareth Bale with Real Madrid is groundhog day. The Welshman, one more season, is costing Zidane and Madrid more than a headache, a hole in his pocket. Bale is a Ferrari parked in the garage. He is the best paid, his salary represents € 29 million to the entity (his net record of 14.5 million plus taxes), but he is almost outlaw in sport. A conflict that is not new. Except for the first season of Zidane, when he arrived at Madrid in January 2016, Bale’s seasons always respond to the same pattern: he starts toned, he is injured, trouble comes and he is just pointed out by the coach.Zidane’s arrivalZidane and Bale’s early days seemed to herald a relationship of wine and roses. The Frenchman came to the rescue of a deserted Madrid in January 2016, after Florentino Pérez reached for him as a lifeguard after the dismissal of Rafa Benítez, and met Welsh in full form and commitment. In the first two games of Zizou As a white coach, Bale scored four goals (hat-trick against Depor) and assisted. But in the second match, against Sporting (a goal and a goal pass), he was injured in the soleus. This first setback with Zidane had him seven games away. He returned to an optimal level, six goals in 14 games and with nods to his coach: “I hope Zidane will continue here for a long time,” Bale said on April 9. Seven days later the first displeasure came for the coach. Bale ended the game against Getafe with muscular discomfort and still moved the next day (granted as a break by the coach) to Cádiz to watch the Spanish Golf Open and play 36 holes (two full courses) on two exclusive golf courses. the province, Finca Cortesín and La Reserva. An escape that surprised first and later annoyed Zizou when he learned that the Welshman was resenting days after his annoyances was left out of the list for the vital league game against Villarreal. The newcomer from Marseille fought the matter and continued to trust Bale to finish the season with the title holder (he played the 120 minutes of the Undécima final against Atlético). His visits to the infirmary have continued to leak (he did not travel to play the Super Cup because of the flu and then he injured his ankle) and in the final stretch of the season he became a residual element again. Zidane does not have Bale. Nor did he play the last Clásico and against City he only gave him 15 minutes. Nor does he see him as a shock: in Villamarín’s defeat (2-1), before the break, he didn’t even send him to warm up. And now, once again, it is back on the market although it will house its outlet. The Groundhog Day. 2016-17 seasonBut the fly was already fluttering behind Zidane’s ear and the relationship with the Welshman began to undergo a significant erosion from the following campaign. Since then, every year is a tracing. Bale started plugged in in 2016-17. Starting in the first three games of the season, he contributed two goals and two assists. But soon the physical problems started. On September 14, 2016, he faced Sporting de Portugal and had to withdraw in the 67th minute with a blow to the hip that made him lose a game, against Espanyol. He returned and managed to connect: he played 11 games, all 11 as a starter, five goals and three assists. The turning point came later …Zidane became suspicious of Bale’s attitude in April, after missing two games due to edema in the right soleus (Sporting and Bayern, in the quarterfinal round of the Champions League). The footballer insisted on playing the Classic despite the doctors advising him not to accelerate. It only lasted 35 minutes on the field (Madrid lost 2-3). Bale showed that he was not fully recovered from his injury and retired with discomfort in the left soleus after requesting the change. The injury was to the other leg, overloaded as a result of not supporting the right foot well due to lack of confidence. The determination of the Welshman, together with Zidane’s controversial management of the case (whenever he returned from an injury, he relegated who shone in his absence: Lucas, Asensio, James …), led him to relapse (eight games away). “He told me he was fine,” said the coach. Bale did not play again until the Champions League final, in his native Cardiff, where he was a substitute …2017-18 seasonThe 2017-18 season started after a first summer with the name of Bale being the main protagonist of the transfer market. Mourinho, coach at the time for United, was courting him all summer until he gave him a kind of ultimatum. “I can’t buy you because you don’t talk,” he told her when they met in the locker room tunnel before a game in July. Before the European Super Cup, he made one last attempt (“If Bale is on the starting line, I will fight for him”), but the Welshman stayed at Madrid and his season was practically a carbon copy of the previous one. He started at a remarkable level (three goals and four assists in eight games), but fell again. He suffered his umpteenth problem in soleus and relapsed weeks later. He missed 14 games due to injury. Then it was a Ferris wheel and everything broke, paradoxically, on February 14.last_img read more