Talent search – Francis looking to develop promising players for Fast5 netball team

first_img “I was asked in January to be part of one of the squads, but because I don’t want to limit my ability I took the contract for six months. But where fast5 is concerned I think we stand a good chance, it’s how you apply yourself on the day,” she explained. “Although we have had success in the longer version, I believe we have better success in Fast5 because we came second and third was our worst, so I found this is my calling in Jamaica and I am going to give it my best shot,” she said. “I never thought that I would be back in the national program, but I am back and I am elated. Coaching is my passion, where I go and coach I try to do it to the best of my ability. Now I am more experienced, when you talk about understanding the role of management and people who hire you to do a job. I can accept changes, I can make adjustments to who is in charge,” she said. Netball Jamaica president, Paula Daley-Morris, said her return to the fold should have a positive impact. “We want to have a separate coach for the Fast5 because it is such a different game, we needed someone with experience and a good track record and she (Francis) came to mind and we approached her and she accepted,” said Daley-Morris. “She has a lot of plans for the squad and the passion she brings is infectious. We are happy to have her back. She has had success like any of our other coaches, she is the one who got the silver in FASTnet, so she has the level and we are hoping she repeats it.” Continuing, she said: “We are making sure the best minds are around the game and we are providing them with opportunities not just for their natural talent, but for the good of the country.” National netball icon, Connie Francis, who was reappointed to the national netball program recently, said the experience she gained while outside of the Jamaica set-up will serve her well in a new role as head coach of the country’s Fast5 team. Francis, who coached the Sunshine Girls from 2006 to 2011, did a stint in St Lucia from 2012 to 2015, helping the eastern Caribbean to country to qualify for the Commonwealth Games for the first time in their history. She added that her involvement and assistance with the grassroots program there helped her realise she had a knack for developing talent. “It (job) will be a challenge because some players I would like (to have) in the squad may not be possible. So it’s about going around the island seeking talent. When I worked overseas I had to develop new talent and I realised that I have some ability to work on new talent and let them enjoy the game, so it’s about growth and having experience. “I want to see what these new girls bring, but I want to let them know that playing for the Sunshine Girls is a big task and whoever is chosen will have to give their best, so I am looking forward to really coaching them,” she told The Gleaner. Netball Jamaica gave Francis the option to choose the version of the game she wanted to assist with and based on her past experience she believes they have a greater chance of success in Fast5. GOOD CHANCElast_img read more

Burrowes holds PGA ambitions

first_img The Hillel Academy standout launched on to the scene following a famous Junior Champion-ships win in the Republic Bank Caribbean Junior Championships tournament in Trinidad and Tobago in 2014, copping the top spot in Boys 11-13 category in that competition. He is working hard to continue making his mark in the sport. “Winning in Trinidad and Tobago got me known throughout the Caribbean. It was a good win for me, and I am working hard to continue improving and growing as one of the young golfers,” added Burrowes, who wants to be playing professional by age 22. shayne.fairman@gleanerjm.com WORKING TO MAKE HIS MARK Talented national junior golfer, Justin Burrowes, though admitting he was not at his best at this point, is determined to improve his game as the year progresses. Burrowes is hoping that these improvements will help in transitioning his career to the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) level in the near future. The 17-year-old, though winning the blue tees trophy in the final game of the Jamaica Golf Association Junior Series last weekend, was not happy with his performance. He missed some games due to exams, but managed to rack up a total of 365 points. “Today was a pretty poor performance. I think my finishing was terrible, and I will just keep on pushing on and training hard on my game,” Burrowes shared after his outing. Next up for the player is the February Flights Classic at the end of month at the Caymanas Golf and Country Club, to be followed by the national trials in March. The teen could make Jamaica’s national team for the sixth consecutive year. “For sure, I can make the team this year. After this year, I want to get a zero handicap and play professional golf ultimately,” shared Burrowes. “I want to take small steps at a time and take on smaller tours, then to go on to PGA Golf, that is my dream,” Burrowes continued.last_img read more

New Director of Public Prosecutions selected among 11

first_img More motor mishaps; PDM Leader calls for Govt attention to illegal jitneys, again Related Items:governor peter beckingham, john masters, public prosecutions Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 12 Mar 2015 – A 27 year barrister has won the job of Director of Public Prosecutions and his name is John Masters. Governor His Excellency Peter Beckingham explained: “He brings with him a wealth of experience, and I hope his skills will enhance the work of the prosecutions department within the overall criminal justice system.” That experience has been built from time in the United Kingdom, Australia and the Cayman Islands. The appointment was made on March 10; Masters begins his job of the new DPP on April 27. Joanne Meloche was the first in the role, she departed the job in February. Eleven individuals had applied for the job. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you DR wants consulate office in TCI New Prison Supt & Officer of the Year Awardedlast_img read more

Entanglement without Classical Correlations

first_img Experiment reverses the direction of heat flow Citation: Entanglement without Classical Correlations (2008, August 27) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2008-08-entanglement-classical.html Quantum mechanics is full of counterintuitive concepts. The idea of entanglement – when two or more particles instantaneously exhibit dependent characteristics when measured, no matter how far apart they are – is one of them. Now, physicists have discovered another counterintuitive result that deals with the line between the quantum and classical worlds. Explore further Normally, when two or more particles are entangled (and seem to communicate with each other instantaneously), they not only share quantum correlations, but also classical correlations. Although physicists don’t have an exact definition for classical correlations, the term generally refers to local correlations, where information does not have to travel faster than the speed of light. So if entangled particles demonstrate correlations across large distances, you might assume that they will also have correlations across shorter distances. After all, if entangled particles can communicate at faster-than-light speeds, they should be able to communicate at slower-than-light speeds.But a team of physicists from the National University of Singapore, Mediterranean Technology Park in Barcelona, the University of Leeds, and the University of Bristol has demonstrated something different. They’ve theoretically shown that any odd number (greater than one) of entangled particles can exist without classical correlations. They explain this paradox in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters.“One way of seeing this is as follows,” Vlatko Vedral, Professor of Quantum Information Science at the University of Leeds, told PhysOrg.com. “Entanglement means being correlated as far as many different measurements are concerned. Classical correlations mean being correlated as far as one particular measurement is concerned. That is why researchers usually think that when there is entanglement, there are also classical correlations. However, our paper shows that you have to be careful about making this inference.”As Vedral explained, generally when physicists measure entanglement, their measurements destroy the quantum correlations first, and then the classical correlations. “Entanglement represents excess of correlations, over and above classical ones. In other words, whatever cannot be accounted for locally is due to quantum entanglement. When you make local measurements on entangled particles, then you will invariably be destroying their correlations (both classical and quantum). Since quantum is in excess of classical, it is possible that you can first get rid of entanglement, but are still left with some classical correlations.” But to do the opposite of this – to get rid of the classical correlations and have only quantum correlations – is more difficult to comprehend.“Imagine that I tell you that I am a billionaire,” Vedral said as an example. “You would then infer that I certainly have 100 million somewhere in my assets. You would be very surprised, indeed, if I told you that this was not true and that I am actually not also a millionaire. You can’t have more, without have less as well (by definition).”This is not the first time that physicists have demonstrated entanglement without classical correlations. In 2006, Toth and Acin found an example of a three-qubit system that also shows this phenomenon. This three-qubit example has already been observed in the laboratory, and the physicists hope that their new example with any odd number of qubits can also be observed. They also expect that even numbers of qubits should exhibit the same effect, but do not yet have an example.“The key is that we are using one particular definition of classical correlations, which is in fact the main one used in the solid state physics (and is used to mark phase transitions among other things),” Vedral said. “This is based on average values of a set of observables and the key is that this set is not complete. However, when it comes to two particles (and two point correlations is what all solid state experiments are about) then you cannot have the situation that we found with three and more particles. Namely, if classical correlations vanish for two qubits, then so do the quantum ones.”The paradox that quantum correlations can exist without accompanying classical correlations could have some thought-provoking consequences. For instance, physicists often use a test of Bell inequalities to determine if local realism has been violated and that quantum correlations have occurred. But since Bell inequalities are based on classical correlations, the test doesn’t work for this example. This leads to the need for a new way to detect quantum correlations, based on different concepts.The study may also affect how physicists view the boundary between the classical and quantum worlds – a question at the foundation of physics. With this demonstration of the existence of a state that has quantum correlations without classical correlations, the physicists suggest that local realism might be used as the criteria to characterize the classical world.The result could also have practical applications – for instance, as a possible method for detecting phase transitions. Using quantum correlations only (instead of both quantum and classical) for detecting phase transitions could provide a more universal measurement than conventional methods.More information: Kaszlikowski, Dagomir; Sen(De), Aditi; Sen, Ujjwal; Vedral, Vlatko; and Winter, Andreas. “Quantum Correlations without Classical Correlations. Physical Review Letters 101, 070502 (2008).Copyright 2008 PhysOrg.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of PhysOrg.com. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

What to Look for in Online Backup

first_img As services become robust enough to support business networks, more businesses are considering online backup for their critical data. Some important factors to consider before making the leap: 2 min read Not your mother’s hard drive For digital pack rats who have to save every little photo, there’s the Apollo Expert UX external hard drive from Imation. Coming in at a svelte 2.5 inches and featuring a protective casing with a handy little stand, this will save your laptop’s memory from screaming mercy. Price: $109.99-James Park This story appears in the June 2009 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goalscenter_img Security: Make sure your provider is able to offer detailed information about how data is transferred to and from the backup site, and how security is guaranteed at the backup location. Reputable online backup services will include strong file encryption and access-control standards.Availability: Find out how long it takes to restore data if it’s lost and whether there are different levels of availability for different types of data. You’ll want to know exactly how long it will take to get your most critical data back online in the event of a failure.Service-level agreements: How quickly do different vendors process requests for restoration, and what guarantees are there for response times? Get it in writing.Financial liability: Know what’s at stake. Find out what the financial implications are for loss of data if the backup service doesn’t work or if backed-up files become corrupted. The safest bet is to have a backup for your backup, which is more feasible as service prices drop. –J.M. Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. May 18, 2009 Register Now »last_img read more

14 Amazon Prime Day Deals You Cant Afford to Miss

first_imgJuly 12, 2016 Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Entrepreneur has affiliate partnership with TechBargains so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.Amazon Prime Day is upon us and, if you didn’t know, it’s a day of deals and a show of appreciation for Prime members. If you aren’t a Prime member you can easily join free for 30 days to take part in the festivities. Better yet, if you are a student, you can sign-up for a Free 6-Month Membership and also get 50 percent off your membership after that.The best deals go fast so act and look quickly. Lightning Deals start every five minutes and if you want to see full coverage of the best tech Lightning Deals and Prime Day Deals as they go live, check back at TechBargains for full coverage.Here are 14 Amazon Prime Day deals you simply can’t afford to miss:1. $50 off Amazon Echo Informational Speaker w/ Alexa & Home Automation Support for $129.99 (list price $179.99).This is one of the best prices we’ve seen since the Amazon Echo came out and even cheaper than we saw on Black Friday. It gets rave reviews and goes far beyond playing music on demand. You can ask it questions for the weather or traffic, set timers or alarms, order items off Amazon and even help you control your home automation system. Plus it has an always on mic that will listen for when you beckon it for information.2. $15 off Amazon Fire Wireless Streaming HDMI Stick for $24.99 (list price $39.99).If you don’t have a ChromeCast then this is an excellent which is actually a little bit better as it has a dual-core processor, more storage, more memory, and there is an option for a remote if you choose. At this price range it’s a great choice if you want to replace some of your cable programming with online streaming. Plus you can always have it handy if you travel.3. Lowest Price Amazon Fire Tablet Quad-Core 7″ Tablet for $33.33 (list Price $49.99)This is an incredible price for a highly rated and very durable tablet. If you are planning on traveling and don’t want to bring a laptop or your expensive iPad then at $33 this is a nobrainer purchase. In fact you may find yourself switching over entirely as it has a powerful processor and is built to be durable and take a few bumps. As a Prime member you will also get to download movies and shows so they can be viewed off-line or borrow books from the Kindle lending library.4. $30 off Amazon Tap Portable Bluetooth Speaker w/ Alexa for $99.99 (list price $129.99).This has all the functionality of Echo but does not have the “always on” feature which many users will enjoy. It does have a leg up on the Echo as it is portable and battery powered so that it can be easily taken anywhere with you go or moved room to room. It’s basically costs a little less and is a little smaller as the Echo.5. $30 off Amazon Fire TV 4K Media Streamer + HDTV Antenna bundle for $101.47 (list price $131.47).If you are looking to cut the cord, Amazon has made it easy for you with a bonus HDTV antenna and the powerful Amazon Fire TV which can support 4K streaming and a quad-core processor for gaming. In fact you are basically getting the HDTV antenna for free with this bundle so that you can get the major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. You even get a free HDMI cable with this bundle.6. $50 off Kindle Voyager 300ppi eReader w/ PagePress Sensors & Adaptive Light for $149.99 (list price $199.99).This is the first discount we’ve seen on the Voyager at hefty 25% off. It is sleeker than the lower end models with a magnesium back and reinforced glass. Amazon hand-tuned the built-in light to automatically adjust to the perfect brightness for your lighting conditions.Amazon also discounted the very popular siblings: $30 off Kindle Paperwhite 300ppi eReader w/ Built-in Light for $89.99 and the $30 off the New Kindle w/ Glare-Free display for $49.99 (list price $79.99).7. $40 Cashback when you book an Amazon Home Service $75 or more.This is by far the best deal Amazon has offered on their home services with a $40 Amazon Credit. This is a terrific service that will do many home improvement services for you. Cleaning, plumbing, building furniture, installing a new thermostat. They do it all and their prices are competitive. We tried this ourselves to install a new smart thermostat on an old furnace and they did a great job.8. Buy a Dash Button for $0.99 and RECEIVE A $4.99 CREDIT after your first pressThe Amazon Dash button allows you to easily reorder items from Amazon that you may have run out of: laundry detergent, coffee, dog food, toilet paper. Simply put it next to your stash and press the button when you need more. This deal is even better as you are only paying $1 for the button and getting $4 off anything you buy with the Amazon Dash button. Amazon ends up having competitive pricing on many of these goods.9. Bose In-Ear Sports Headphones for $49.99 (Orig $99.99) or Bose SoundTrue Headphone II for $99.99 (Orig $179.99)Bose headphones don’t often go on sale and rarely ever hit a 50 percent discount. These are easily the lowest prices we’ve seen on the Bose In-Ear Sports headphones. They are made to be durable and stay in your ears as you exercise. Amazon is also discounting the popular Bose SoundTrue Around the Ear Headphones II for only $100. These are slim, lightweight and and made to be portable without sacrificing on sound quality. 10. Up to 40 Percent Off Open Box Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Routers & more + Extra 20 Percent Off Amazon Warehouse DealsUse code: “WDEARLY20” or “WDEARLY”. Amazon sells customer-returned electronics at a discount. On Prime Day they are taking up to 40 percent off in addition to a bonus 20 percent off any price you see. If you were looking for a high-end LG OLED TV or a Quad HD monitor, this is your time to get a discount on a used version from Amazon’s warehouse division. 11. iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $249.99 (Orig $379.99)We typically see these 600 series Roomba’s on sale for around $300 and this is a full $50 less than a sale price. It features Roomba’s patented three-stage cleaning system and will use it’s iAdapt system to map your room. Many reviews state that this latest model comes with numerous improvements and won’t get stuck under problem furniture. It also comes with a redesigned filter and dust-collection bin. This is a low price and less expensive than you can even get last generation’s model.12. GoPro Hero 4 Session 1080p Action Camera Bundle w/ 32GB SD Card & Remote $199 This is an extremely portable GoPro which is 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the already small Hero4 Cameras. This can shoot 1080p video at at 60fps and up to 100 fps at 720p. It is easy to use and can start recording with just a single press of a button. PCMag rated this 4 out 5 and this is an excellent deal as you are getting a $50 remote and a SD card for the same price as just the camera by itself. 13. Instant Pot DUO 6-Quart 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker & more for $69.99 (Orig $119.99)We own one of these personally and purchased it for $10 more during Black Friday. An electric pressure cooker dramatically cuts down the cook time on soups, stews or braised meats. However this does more than just pressure cook as you can use it simply to slow cook, steam food, sear meats and this newer model can even make yogurt and has two pressure settings. We love ours and highly recommend it if you are busy or need to make a lot of food for the week or for a party.14. Oral-B Pro 7000 Smart Electric Tooth Brush for $89.99 (Orig $149.99)This is the new lowest price we’ve seen by 10 percent. This is less expensive than the 5000 series and includes smart functionality which can track your brushing habits and ensure you are spending enough time on each section of your mouth. It gives real-time feedback and will let you know if you are applying too much pressure. It can even help prevent you from damaging your gum line by brushing too hard. Disclosure: This is brought to you by the Entrepreneur Partner Studio. Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. 8 min read Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

SpaceX Launch Delayed to Thursday Due to Weather Heres How to Watch

first_img 2 min read Update, March 14, 2017Citing high winds at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida early Tuesday morning, SpaceX decided to postpone the launch of the commercial EchoStar 23 satellite.The company had a two-and-a-half-hour window beginning at 1:34 a.m. with which to safely launch the satellite, but could not do so with the inclement weather.The satellite launch is now set to go on as planned from Launch Complex 39A on Thursday, March 16, at 1:35 a.m. EST.Original story, published March 13, 2017, follows.If you’re a bit of a night owl and want to catch SpaceX’s next launch, you can watch the Falcon 9 rocket lift off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 1:34 a.m. EST on Tuesday, March 14.You can check out the livestream here.The company is set to launch the EchoStar 23 satellite into orbit. While previous launches have included a landing of the reusable rocket, this outing will not, as the rocket will not have enough fuel to make a safe landing after releasing the heavy satellite into orbit. The satellite will provide broadcast capabilities to Brazil and has a lifespan of 15 years.Related: Watch Elon Musk’s View of the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket LandingThe rocket is set to take off from Cape Canaveral’s Launch Complex 39A, the second time the company will use the historic platform that saw the launches of the Apollo Missions to the Moon in the 1960s and ’70s.In February, the company had both a successful launch and landing of the Falcon 9 rocket and safely delivered its Dragon Capsule to the International Space Station. March 14, 2017 Enroll Now for Freecenter_img This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Nowlast_img read more