Emergency action in Grand Turk due to sea surges

first_img Recommended for you Cruise figures forecast to drop, says Tourism Director Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Minister of Works puts government buildings reconstruction post hurricanes at $8.6m RBC Team off to Grand Turk with EZ Pay Related Items:dema, emergency, grand turk, katherine hart, national park Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 16 Feb 2016 – Climate change is affecting coastal conditions in Grand Turk so severely that the Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs, DEMA is permitting some extra-ordinary measures to save personal property. A notice came late yesterday saying there continues to be severe erosion along the coast and that it is causing concern for beach front property owners in the Capital. The situation is so bad that DEMA is labeling the work to be done as an emergency and is allowing heavy machinery to maneuver within the National Park in order to preserve residents’ properties. Katherine Hart, Environmental Officer said: “The primary problem is erosion of the beach in the National Park which, so far, has been impacting roads…” High swells and wave action is behind this exceptional permission and drastic action. last_img read more

Stranger Things 3 reviews are out Best season by leaps and bounds

first_img TV and Movies i really loved new #StrangerThings but i’m most excited for everyone to see it and fall madly in love with maya hawke, who is just wonderful. she stole the season for me. pic.twitter.com/66UajQQ1yo— lindsey romain (@lindseyromain) July 1, 2019 So there’s not much more I can say, but I was so impressed with the way specific ships sailed & laughed out loud at least once per episode (mostly at DAD Hopper). Also a shopping scene 🥰 #strangerthings— Emily Longeretta (@emilylongeretta) June 30, 2019 1 Stranger Things is looking good. Netflix Things are about to get Strange. The third season of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things arrives on July 4, and while it may be a stressful summer in Hawkins, Indiana, it’s looking like a great one for fans. The embargo for reviews lifted on Sunday, and critics shared their opinions.  Now playing: Watch this: I think I can finally tell you that #StrangerThings is the show’s best season yet. It’s not perfect (more on that later) but there are moments that are so good, so funny, so deeply heartfelt that it will leave you breathless. It’s also spectacularly gross and I loved it.— Crystal Bell (@crystalbell) June 30, 2019 We know from the recent final trailer that Billy (Dacre Montgomery) could be the target of some Upside Down evil this season. But apparently he’s also a great character this year. “Billy f****** owns,” Colburn writes. Look at this baller piece of clothing pic.twitter.com/bbwhkjQLTI— Aᴀʀᴏɴ Pʀᴜɴᴇʀ (@AaronFlux) July 1, 2019 Now that I’ve seen some of #StrangerThings I am not only hit with a huge powerful wave of nostalgia (I was 9 in 1985) I am seriously wondering if we’ll see the absolute worst 80s fashion come back in style. Again.— Aᴀʀᴏɴ Pʀᴜɴᴇʀ (@AaronFlux) July 1, 2019 i’ve watched #StrangerThings twice now and i think people who already hate it will find even more to hate but i truly believe the show transcends its inelegant ’80s pop culture flirtations with top-notch character work and archetypal subversion. billy fucking owns.— Randall Colburn (@randallcolburn) June 30, 2019 See all the Stranger Things season 3 photos And CNET sister site ComicBook.com says the 1980s references are just too much. “It’s entertaining to see beloved characters embracing the spirit of goofy ’80s films, but these homages feel so blatant that it feels more like a parody than a tribute,” the ComicBook review reads.Character critiquesThere will be plenty of familiar faces and a few new ones in Hawkins this season. Who stands out? She’s not alone in calling this season the best so far. Randall Colburn, internet culture editor for The AV Club, calls season 3 the show’s “best season by leaps and bounds.” Stranger Things 3 a brilliant return to form Share your voice To Lindsey Romain of Nerdist, the standout is 20-year-old Maya Hawke (yes, real-life daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman), who plays new character Robin, who apparently works with Steve at Scoops Ahoy, the ice-cream shop in Starcourt Mall. “She stole the season for me,” Romain writes. it’s the best season by leaps and bounds— Randall Colburn (@randallcolburn) June 30, 2019center_img It’s what fans wanted to hear. CNET’s own Jennifer Bisset calls season 3 “a brilliant return to form,” adding that it brings the focus back to the elements that made the first season such an unexpected hit. “This season’s sense of fun, along with its relationship drama and multiple odd pair-ups bring humor and touching moments that recall Game of Thrones at its best,” she writes.MTVNews culture director Crystal Bell tweeted, “I think I can finally tell you that #StrangerThings is the show’s best season yet.” Wrote about the new season of #StrangerThings, which is basically a love letter to old-school tech, shopping malls &, of course, dope retro fits & wild haircuts. The Duffer Brothers did it again: best season yet. (Fret not, didn’t spoil the sauce for you.) https://t.co/pBJ9lcm78S— Edgar Alvarez (@abcdedgar) June 30, 2019 And Police Chief Jim Hopper brings the laughs, according to Emily Longeretta of Us Weekly, who says she “laughed out loud at least once per episode (mostly at DAD Hopper).” Some of the humor in #StrangerThings this season is very broad – too broad, especially early on. On the other hand, this felt like the goriest season yet, which, of course, I was very happy about. I had a couple “oh, I probably shouldn’t be eating right now” moments. Yay, gore!— Eric Goldman (@TheEricGoldman) July 1, 2019 Comment Tags Back to the futureIf you’re a 1980s nostalgic, get ready for an awesome and totally tubular summer, as numerous critics say the show’s 1980s references are back. Edgar Alvarez of Engadget not only proclaims this the “best season yet,” but declares the new season is “basically a love letter to old-school tech, shopping malls &, of course, dope retro fits & wild haircuts.”But not everyone is ready for those faddish fashions to return. For reference, I was a huge supporter of jams shorts. Internet picture for reference. pic.twitter.com/Fb2eRCEP6V— Aᴀʀᴏɴ Pʀᴜɴᴇʀ (@AaronFlux) July 1, 2019 Stranger Things season 3: Everything to know Originally published July 1, 12:36 a.m. PT. Update, 9:25 a.m. PT: Adds more reviews.  And at press time, the third season had a 92 percent Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a Metascore of 71, indicating “generally favorable reviews,” on CNET sister site Metacritic.Stranger Things season 3 will be available on Netflix on July 4. 59 Photos Gross-out gangAnd in case you forgot this show has a horror theme, Eric Goldman of getFandom is there to remind you. “This felt like the goriest season yet,” he writes, “I had a couple ‘oh, I probably shouldn’t be eating right now’ moments. Yay, gore! 2:33 Our season 3 review Netflixlast_img read more

Inu Mujibul Anisul Mosharraf made parliamentary committee heads

first_imgHasanul Haq Inu, Mosharraf Hossen, Anisul Islam Mahmud and Mujibul Haq (clockwise)Six more parliamentary standing committees on various ministries were formed on Thursday with the approval of leader of the house and prime minister Sheikh Hasina.Chief whip Noor-E-Alam Chowdhury proposed the names of the committees and the members in the house with deputy speaker M Fazley Rabbi Mia in the chair. The house unanimously adopted the proposals by voice votes.The Jatiya Sangsad (JS) bodies are on Labour and employment ministry, railway ministry, information ministry, ministry of home affairs, housing and public works ministry and expatriate welfare and overseas employment ministry.Mujibul Haq will lead the parliamentary standing committee on the ministry of labour and employment while Hasanul Haq Inu has been made chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on the Information Ministry.ABM Fazley Karim Chowdhury will lead parliamentary standing committee on the ministry of railway while M Shamsul Haq Tuku is made chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on the ministry of home affairs.Mosharraf Hossen has been made chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on the ministry of housing and public works.On the other hand, Anisul Islam Mahmud will lead the parliamentary standing committee on the ministry of expatriate welfare and overseas employmentlast_img read more

The Challenges Of Being A Black Millennial Mom

first_imgBy Christina Sturdivant Sani, Special to the AFROMy son turned 10 years old last month, which means I’m a whole decade into this mom life. And truth be told, sometimes I’m still shocked that I’m responsible for an entire little person. After getting pregnant unexpectedly in college, my life shifted and I was forced to move with it—controlling what I could and coming to terms with things beyond my control.Christina Sturdivant SaniAFRO contributor Christina Sturdivant Sani and her son.With Black millennial moms in particular, there seems to be a self-imposed pressure to succeed, according to Nikki Osei-Barrett, co-founder of District MotherHUED, a group that hosts events for millennial moms of color in the D.C. area. “My biggest challenge is balancing my overly ambitious nature with motherhood. I’m team do-the-absolute-most and it (often) takes away from my family,” Osei-Barrett told the AFRO.Unsurprisingly, Osei-Barrett is not alone. Below is a snapshot of challenges that Black millennial moms in the region face and how they are learning to progress. They are looking at themselves in the mirror—facing their perceived shortcomings and celebrating their beauty. They are overcoming fears and talking to their children about being Black in a racially-charged America. They are unabashedly relying on friends, relatives and counselors to get them on the other side of roadblocks. They are liberating themselves from society’s expectations of the ideal mom and paving their own ways with creativity, strength, and intuition.************************************************Aviance Amponsah-EfahAviance Amponsah-Efah—Homemaker, worship leader, and mom of three from Triangle, Virginia.What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color? My biggest challenge is remembering who I am as an individual. When you have kids, it consumes your life. All of a sudden you go from working on your goals to devoting all of your energy to making these little people great adults. You forget about yourself. You forget about your personal goals for yourself. Your reason is totally ‘I have to do this so I’m a good mom’ not ‘I have to do this to make myself happy,’How are you learning to overcome this challenge? Forcing time to dedicate to my personal goals.************************************************Brittney Simpson—Human resources manager and mom of one from Northwest, D.C. What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color? It’s difficult being the first within my friend group to become a mommy. It definitely has altered the friendships. Some friends have begun to distance themselves while others have fully embraced my new responsibilities. I don’t feel any sense of obligation to my employer. I’d rather be a stay at home mom for now and return to work later. I may go back to school in the meantime.How are you learning to overcome this challenge?I have a therapist. I spend time with friends who celebrate me and my son.************************************************Cierra Jennings—HR specialist and mom of one from Silver Spring, Md. What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color? Raising a young boy can be scary—especially seeing so many killings or our young black boys, the Me Too Movement, etc. I constantly feel the responsibility/pressure to make sure he understands boundaries and how he should respond in certain situations. I want to make sure he is respectful, kind, and treats people the way he wants to be treated. There are so many potential obstacles and mistakes that could be made. And as a parent, you want to know that you did all you could do to guide them down the right path.How are you learning to overcome this challenge? I’m learning to not let fear be the motivation—to keep things in perspective. I’m always going to take my responsibility as a parent seriously and do my best to prepare him to be a positive, contributing member of society—but not out of fear of what may come, out of love and because I want the best for him.************************************************Shar’del Haden—Photographer, writer, and mother of three from White Plains, Md. What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color? My biggest challenge is finding time for the things I want to do.How are you learning to overcome this challenge? I am learning to make time regardless of whatever else going on—I strive to make time for ME. ************************************************Niki Montgomery—Marketing/communications consultant and mother of three from Fort Washington, Md. What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color? As a Black millennial mom, there is an unspoken pressure to do and be all, and multi-tasking is often the vehicle. My biggest challenge has been learning NOT to multi-task. Multi-tasking is typically perceived as the best way to ‘crush your to-do list’ and get a ton of things done in a short amount of time, but for me has resulted in a lack of focus and a failure to be present.How are you learning to overcome this challenge? Being intentional about being present and focusing on one thing at a time.************************************************Folasade’ OgunmokunFolasade’ Ogunmokun—Media CEO and mother of one from Fort Washington, Md.What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color? I think the biggest challenge so far as a Black millennial mom is that I’m trying to change the world that my son will live in, while at the same time raising my Black son. There are still lynchings, still racism, still sexism happening and my son sees it all. My job is to show him a different picture and make the world see it too.How are you learning to overcome this challenge? You don’t exactly overcome a challenge like this, your become it. Everything I do effects this narrative. Everyone I bring my son around effects it and I have to learn to be transparent but also show strength, determination, and change.************************************************Patrice Hagan—Public relations manager and mother of two from Virginia. What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color? I’ve found it very difficult to balance making time for myself without guilt that I should be doing more for my family all the time. I give my family my all and sometimes I’m on “E” when it’s time to pour into myself. Although I know in my mind that self love and self care is essential, finding that balance of self care and care for my family is a daily art that I’m trying to practice.How are you learning to overcome this challenge? I have learned that without crying for myself, I’m no good to those I love and [am] caring for. I can’t pour from an empty cup. After having my children, my sense of self got blurry for a while. I became a full blown mommy, losing bits and pieces of myself and losing sight of the things that brought me joy—outside of my husband and children. So I’ve made a conscious effort to rediscover those things that make me happy and have made time to enjoy doing and practicing those things to ensure that my spirit is fed, in some big or small way, each day. This helps to avoid resentment and burnout when taking care of my family at the capacity that I do.************************************************Kalyn Hall—Marketing professional and mother of one from Rockville, Md. What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color? The workforce is not embracing or very flexible in ways that make it easier to handle motherly duties. From a your daily schedule to child care and managing daily/household routines. It is a constant challenge that only colleagues with kids actually understand and most of the time your boss is not a parent so they are highly insensitive in this regard.How are you learning to overcome this challenge? It is a work in progress but I am learning to ask for help. I have always taken on 100 percent of duties and parenting alone—despite being married. This year, I am committed to delegating and ensuring I give myself time to relax and rejuvenate.************************************************Keisha Blount NelsonKeisha Blount Nelson—Educator, entrepreneur, and mom of one from Elkridge, Md.What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color?I believe my biggest challenge is simultaneously my greatest reward: growth. Motherhood has challenged me to stretch and grow in areas and in ways that I could have never imagined. I am challenged daily to face my own insecurities and to confront aspects of my identity that I wasn’t quite prepared to tackle.I didn’t want motherhood to expose my issues with perfectionism, but it did when I struggled with trying to be and do the impossible with my son and got burnt out. Chile, trying to dot every ‘I’ and cross every “T” got a sista tired. I didn’t want motherhood to expose my insecurities with weight and body image, but of course that snap back was more of an emotional setback because I was neither kind nor realistic with myself after housing and birthing a human.I didn’t want motherhood to expose my tendency to be non-confrontational, but it did several times when needing to speak up for my son in different spaces. Never before have I felt more pressure in my Black millennial mom skin than having the charge to raise a liberated, conscious, spiritually grounded Black boy in a world that profits from his oppression.How are you learning to overcome this challenge?I take one day at a time. I’m trying to work on pacing myself, slowing down my thoughts while processing my ‘stuff.’ I pray… a lot. Rather than avoiding the issues that would usually bring me anxiety, I’ve been ‘doing the work.’ I try to attack root causes and work toward healing and minimizing their impact on his generation.I allow myself room to be imperfect. Rely on my supports: hubby, family, #momsquad.************************************************Phree White—Nonprofit marketing manager and mother of one from Alexandria, Virginia.What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color?My biggest challenge is dealing with being a reluctant mom. I love my child. She’s amazing. I don’t regret her, but there are times I wish I was an aunt instead of a mom because I’d be able to choose when I wanted to have this responsibility and when I didn’t. I’ve always been pretty self-sufficient and independent. I’m a pretty social person, but there are days when I want—need—to be alone.Because it’s just my child and I, I have no choice but to be there for her. I can’t close a door and tell her I don’t want to interact today or I don’t want to hug her or touch her today because I’m not feeling human interaction.There are days when I want to do nothing but come home and eat cereal and fall in the bed but that’s not possible because there’s homework every night and dinner every night and that whole routine.How are you learning to overcome this challenge?I used to feel guilty because I thought that when you became a mom there was some switch that flipped and you were happy to sacrifice yourself for the greater good of this little human you created and I thought mine never got turned on. I had to learn that me needing space for myself wasn’t me abandoning my child, but recognizing the things that I needed to replenish myself so that I could care for her properly. I learned to create alone time for myself each day and schedule at least a full 24 hours every two months so I could do whatever with no expectations that I care for anyone but me.************************************************Ashlee LaughlinAshlee Laughlin—Entrepreneur and mother of one from Greenbelt, Md.What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color?My biggest challenge so far as a millennial mom has been balance. I had gotten spoiled by being able to live my life in the fast lane, taking freelance opportunities, and traveling all over pursuing my career in entertainment. But when Taj was born, I initially felt fearful of how I would balance my dreams, my business and motherhood. As a Black mother and a child of a Black mother, you witness all the layers—strength, determination, sacrifice, and all the things mothers endure to ensure you are loved and safe. I want to emulate that. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for such an amazing journey. It’s humbling.How are you learning to overcome this challenge?I am learning that it’s ok to say NO! I think a lot of moms feel guilty because they are either unable to create a lifestyle that allows time for their kids or they are overly committed to growth in other areas. I feel liberated by my ability to create boundaries to protect the bonding time my son and I spend together. Nothing will ever come before him. My balance involves the time I create for my family, which I never realized I’d have to fight so hard for. If I can’t take on a project that requires me working crazy hours, I say no. No was never in my vocabulary before Taj.************************************************Karissa Uko—Senior Manager (events and communications) and mother of one from Lake Ridge, Va.What’s your biggest challenge as a millennial mom of color?The biggest struggle has been parenting without immediate family nearby. My husband and I have actively worked on building relationships with other parents in the area, but it’s really just him and I with our son.How are you learning to overcome this challenge?I am volunteering on the planning committee for the inaugural Momference. This platform powered by District MotherHUED is forcing me to network and be outgoing in a way I haven’t before. Meeting other moms that look and have relatable backgrounds as me is refreshing and much needed.last_img read more

Openet Launches a New Business Unit for Immediate Virtualised Services

first_imgOpenet Toulkork branch in Cambodia. Image Credit: Opennet Advertisement Dublin based software vendors, Openet Corp., on Monday launched a new Openet Accelerate, a dedicated business unit focused on delivering service capability using automated, virtualised, and cloud based networks to harness the latest technological innovation while developing disruptive, virtualised next generation services including VoLTE and IoT.Openet Accelerate is providing an adjunct approach to virtualization for service providers through its pioneering Service Capsule offerings. These pre-integrated, pre-tested solutions enable CSPs to take advantage of NFV and cloud like deployments today, without the risks inherent with the massive transformation, procurement and organizational changes normally involved when adopting NFV.In a statement, Karin O’Shea, Executive Director of Openet Accelerate, said; “This new business unit is focused on the intelligent, business aware management of dynamic, automated software-centric networks to deliver end-to-end services.” – Advertisement – Automated service provisioning, enabled by the business unit, will give service providers virtualisation benefits such as service agility and improved time-to-market for new services. This also allows providers to target new markets that were previously impossible due to the cost and difficulty of deployment.“Apart from our Service Capsule offerings, we provide the building blocks to enable CSPs, MVNx, enterprises, system integrators and virtual network functions vendors to solve specific problems when building their own solutions for automated software-centric networks,” Karin said.source: Real Wirelast_img read more