Marotta: “Arturo Vidal is one of our goals”

first_imgThe Milanese club, trained by Antonio Conte, works to reinforce the squad for the second leg of the season, in which he will fight for the league title with Juventus Turin, in addition to competing in the Europa League and in the Italian Cup. In this sense, Conte considers Vidal as an element capable of giving a boost to the center of the field, which is suffering in recent months because of a long series of injuries suffered by Nicoló Barella or Stefano Sensi, who returned to the group in the last days after several weeks of absence. The Inter coach already knows Vidal for having worked with him from 2011 to 2014 when training Juventus. At that stage, Conte and the Chilean midfielder won three consecutive league titles. Giuseppe Marotta, CEO of Inter Milan, said Thursday that the Chilean Arturo Vidal, midfielder of Barcelona, ​​is “one of the objectives” of the Milanese club in this winter market session. “Vidal is one of the objectives. It is well known that important things happen in this market at the end of January,” Marotta said on the sidelines of an event organized by the Italian Serie A League in Milan.. “We are working to improve the quality level of our group. To do so we must have important objectives and this entails some difficulties,” added the director of Inter.last_img read more

Osasuna-Real Madrid La Liga is another story

first_imgBale returned and won Madrid without having to do, at all, with one another. Because the Welshman repeated his pedestrian attitude in a team forced to fight extremely in hostile land. The 70 minutes of Bale were long in the game at the tremendous expected. Years go by, templates and technicians change, but games like this are repeated between Osasuna and Madrid, full of rhythm and rumble. In the end, the Navarrese heart did not lose his mind to Zidane’s team.The Sadar decrees San Fermín with each visit from Madrid to Pamplona, ​​a chupinazo of adrenaline that shoots at Osasuna. This time it rang loudly. Three minutes later they had shot the reds three times, inflated by that atmosphere that so overwhelmed Madrid. There is no restraint in Osasuna in games like that. It doesn’t attack, it pounces. Do not defend, devour. Even without Chimy Ávila, his last flag, injured for the entire season. Even when he lost to Moncayola, his reference midfielder, at eight minutes, when his heels were stuck in the grass to damage his knee.For that Vietnamese party, Zidane chose Bale, perhaps the only footballer in the world who does not threaten to leave but to stay, to appeal to his permanence clause instead of the termination clause. About him Zidane returns repeatedly, who knows if because for parties where the volume goes up he needs his experience or if he really fulfills the dreaded threat of exhausting (the perfect verb for that matter) his contract. The point is that he left and not Vinicius, the agitator of the last two games.Bale’s negligence symbolized the horrific exit of Madrid, without genius or order. Casemiro, who was returning to carry out his usual police work, could not stop the header at the plate of the Unai García power plant that advanced the Navarrese after three Osasunista occasions and a clear error from Bale, who received a great in-depth pass from Isco, another of the novelties, and he let himself be hunted by Estupiñán. The speed train that Madrid bought seemed close to the Ecuadorian sprint, a source of energy for its equipment. Faced with running or dying of Osasuna, Madrid took a long time to find the ball, the weapon of self-defense. And he did it already with the scoreboard against (and he could do inferiority if Gil Manzano punishes with a red strike of Ramos), an overload for a team with notable deficiencies in the auction. However, he let go some good occasions: David García and Estupiñán saved two goals with Herrera out of the frame and Bale had a header without opposition in the precise center of Carvajal. In half an hour it was corrected. Bale tried a left-footed shot that made a punishable entry of Estupiñán defective and the ball fell to Isco, who spliced ​​right to the net. The goal prevented the intervention of the VAR, which would probably have recommended the previous penalty.Madrid changed from its sides. Precise and intelligent Carvajal, overflowing and explosive Mendy. They took the team out of the mud and found help in other players called for the remove and added to the charge. The second goal came in two headers in the area that Osasuna tolerated. Casemiro put his in the first suit and Ramos, the final, in the goal of Herrera. In five minutes the Arrasate team went from solid to gaseous, largely because Madrid, dragged by the wise honesty of Modric, a couture midfielder able to roll up his sleeves, had been tying the intensity game.The second half began with a mess because Gil Manzano, with the necessary complicity of the VAR, swallowed a penalty from Estupiñán to Modric and a red penalty to Nacho Vidal, who hunted Valverde. The double mistake ended the concentration of Madrid and pushed Osasuna again, which chained three very clear opportunities. Thus, accelerating and braking, trumpeting, the Navarrese team was shown throughout the game.Twenty minutes from the end, Zidane ran out of patience with Bale and put Lucas Vázquez, a proletarian solution to a game of hard work and at that point he had returned to balance. Madrid began to breathe for Isco, always an exit in combat matches, and Arrasate was replacing strikers in search of a second impulse. That ended with a blow of science from Benzema, who marked the pass to Modric and I hope, attracting vigilance, until Lucas came with the rapier and finished a game that reinforces the leader. Then Jovic took that to the win. The game ended up being able to fury.last_img read more