Corn re-ownership strategies

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Jon Scheve, Superior Feed Ingredients, LLCLast March the corn market lost 30 cents after the USDA surprisingly increased stock levels. Last week the USDA surprised again but with a big drop in corn stock levels, resulting in a 20-cent market rally. The reason for the adjustment isn’t clear. Some think it was because last year’s yield was lower while others say more animals were on feed. Regardless, it’s keeping prices from going lower until yields are determined, which won’t be for a month or two.Corn re-ownership strategies I’ve described how to choose which crop should be stored at home during harvest and if farmers should pay for commercial storage. When making those storage decisions I explained that futures shouldn’t be included in the evaluation because farmers can reown grain using futures or an option strategy. While there are countless ways for farmers to re-own grain, the following shows two strategies most often used and the pros and cons of each.Re-ownership using options: Buying calls In this strategy a farmer sells their grain for cash and then buys a March call trying to capture upside potential. Buying a call is buying the right to own grain at a predetermined price called the strike price. This strategy is recommended because it limits loss potential to an upfront cost (i.e. the cost of the call option) while leaving unlimited upside potential.While this sounds positive on the surface, there are hidden issues with this strategy. First off, there are numerous variables determining the call’s value: • How long until the call expires, in this case March options expire Feb 21st • How close the call is to being “in the money” which is the difference between futures value and strike price purchased • General belief of where the market could be headed or volatility which determines the value of the call. Following shows how the costs of buying different March call options shifted from before to after last week’s USDA report.As of the Friday after the report March futures increased 13 cents; however, the cost/value of the call didn’t increase the same amount. It only increased 4 to 8 cents depending on the strike price.Maybe the most common choice among the options above would have been to sell cash grain at $3.84 futures and buy calls at a $4.00 strike price for 9 cents before the report. However, if the March futures continues to trade at or below $4.00 for the next 5 months, the value of the $4 call will probably never exceed the 14-cent value it is today. Without a rally above $4 the call will eventually work its way to zero value. The call buyer is then out all of the 9 cents they paid for the option before the report.Re-ownership buying a futures contract The strategy that best resembles what farmers do when storing unpriced grain in a commercial facility is selling cash grain and buying a futures position at the same time. Let’s assume the same scenario above, a farmer sold for cash corn last week and immediately reowned March futures for $3.84 hoping for a future rally. With $3.97 futures now, the buyer is ahead 13 cents on the trade.Which trade is better? Both trades have risk, so the question I would ask is, “what do you expect from the market?” If you expect the market to go higher, buying futures is better because you get 1 for 1 price movement. Buying calls only gets 1 for 2 price movement during the first part of a rally. If you expect the market to tank, buying calls may be the better solution, but even then, why not also sell more bushels or even sell some corn for a different crop year to minimize the risk of loss on the purchase of the call if you believe that prices are likely to go lower.However, the futures buyer will be behind a call buyer if futures drop below $3.75 in this example. The most a call buyer can lose, in this case, is 9 cents from the trade. If we subtract that value from the cash price collected at $3.84, we are left with the price where the futures buyer or call option are basically at the same breakeven point. However, if the futures prices continue lower the futures buyer has unlimited downside loss potential. In other words, buying futures does worse than buying calls when the market goes significantly lower than the cost of the call option.I tend to dislike buying calls because of the odds against them making money. In the 3 possible market scenarios (i.e. up, down or sideways), buying calls will only make money in 1 of the 3 possible outcomes, if the market goes up a lot. Call buyers will lose money in a sideways or lower market. That’s 66% of the time buying calls will not be successful.Futures buyers, on the other hand, will be more profitable than call buyers in 2 out of 3 market scenarios. I also would take into consideration the time of year for using futures instead of calls. Post-harvest prices tend to improve until around July 4th, so buying futures has less risk during this time. Prices tend to drift lower from July 4th to harvest, so buying calls has less risk during late summer.Re-ownership through buying futures, or buying calls, or even leaving unpriced grain in commercial storage all have risks. And unfortunately, reducing risk means also reducing reward. Everyone has different risk tolerance and profit goals, but it’s important to think through your goals and have a plan. The statement, “I want to make the most I can” is not a satisfactory plan, because it doesn’t provide risk parameters or attainable goals.Please email with any questions or to learn more. Jon grew up raising corn and soybeans on a farm near Beatrice, NE. Upon graduation from The University of Nebraska in Lincoln, he became a grain merchandiser and has been trading corn, soybeans and other grains for the last 18 years, building relationships with end-users in the process. After successfully marketing his father’s grain and getting his MBA, 10 years ago he started helping farmer clients market their grain based upon his principals of farmer education, reducing risk, understanding storage potential and using basis strategy to maximize individual farm operation profits. A big believer in farmer education of futures trading, Jon writes a weekly commentary to farmers interested in learning more and growing their farm operations.Trading of futures, options, swaps and other derivatives is risky and is not suitable for all persons. All of these investment products are leveraged, and you can lose more than your initial deposit. Each investment product is offered only to and from jurisdictions where solicitation and sale are lawful, and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in such jurisdiction. The information provided here should not be relied upon as a substitute for independent research before making your investment decisions. Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC is merely providing this information for your general information and the information does not take into account any particular individual’s investment objectives, financial situation, or needs. All investors should obtain advice based on their unique situation before making any investment decision. The contents of this communication and any attachments are for informational purposes only and under no circumstances should they be construed as an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation to buy or sell any future, option, swap or other derivative. The sources for the information and any opinions in this communication are believed to be reliable, but Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of such information or opinions. Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC and its principals and employees may take positions different from any positions described in this communication. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.last_img read more

Shovelware: Developers Now Launch More E-Book Apps Than Games in iTunes Store

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting According to a new survey conducted by mobile analytics company Flurry, developers now launch more e-book apps than games in Apple’s iTunes App Store. Games now represent 13% of the new releases while 20% of all the new apps in the App Store are e-books. One of the reasons for this is that it’s quite easy for developers to release large numbers of e-books. Developers just have to switch out the text, rename the app and send it to Apple for approval. This data from Flurry doesn’t tell us much about how many people actually download e-books on the iPhone, though an earlier report from Flurry showed that the iPhone e-book market saw impressive growth this year. The B&N Reader, Amazon Kindle app and Stanza are still the most popular e-book apps and it would be interesting to see more data about how users use these apps. While it’s easy for developers to release lots of e-book apps based on public domain texts, this data tells us very little about how many people actually use them. More Than Just Static TextOver time, e-books on the iPhone will hopefully become more interesting than the current crop of apps. While today’s hardware e-readers mimic traditional books, the next generation of e-readers will likely go beyond this and the iPhone is already in a position to lead the charge. Creative’s forthcoming Zii MediaBook will offer some of this functionality. With iTunes LP, Apple also has a format that publishers could use to create richer e-book experiences. iTunes LPs aren’t compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, yet. It is likely only a matter of time before Apple brings this format to its mobile devices, though. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#E-Books#news#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts frederic lardinois 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Ground to be Broken for $1.75 Billion Hotel in Kingston

first_img Ground will be broken later this week The Prime Minister also announced other large scale investment projects Work is progressing on strengthening links between hotel construction and local manufacturers Story Highlights Ground will be broken for the construction of a new $1.75 billion Courtyard Marriott Hotel in New Kingston later this week.Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, announced that the groundbreaking will take place on Thursday July 25, as she addressed the closing Gala Banquet and Presentation Ceremony of the National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations’ (NAJASO) 36th Annual Convention, at the Secrets Wild Orchid Hotel in Montego Bay, on July 20.She also informed of other large scale investment projects, which she says shows positive signs of growing investor confidence in the country’s economy, such as the Riu Palace Hotel in Montego Bay which is currently under construction at a cost of over $3 billion; and a major commercial development project for downtown Kingston that is “on the horizon”.At the same time, the Prime Minister noted that work is progressing on strengthening the linkages between hotel construction and local manufacturers, as well as with local farmers in respect of food supplies for the hotels.She added that while the private sector was proceeding with commercial investments, the government, through its agencies, was moving ahead with housing solutions for middle income and public sector workers, as well as for those contributors at the lower rung of the income ladder.She pointed out that these activities are important in moving the country towards goals of economic growth and national development.“I have likened our current Economic Reform Programme to working out our business plan. I speak of creating a profitable enterprise for all our citizens. I always speak of the importance of ‘balancing the books while balancing people’s lives.’  This requires, among other things, placing emphasis on poverty alleviation and eventual poverty eradication,” the Prime Minister said.She emphasized that poverty reduction and eventual elimination had to be a central plank of the country’s policy if it wanted to achieve growth and development.“I believe in the Jamaican people.  I know we are a tough and tenacious people. …There is much we can accomplish if we apply our collective energy; our best ideas; our creativity as well as our capacity for hard work to driving the development agenda,” Mrs. Simpson Miller said.last_img read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Fasulo Would Fight For The People Is A

first_imgDear Editor,I am here to give my support and vote to Rob Fasulo.Rob and I atteneded the Shawsheen Tech in 1994. He was always a great friend. He showed leadership at a young age.Rob would be a great addition to the Board of Selectmen, bringing a small town feel to an ever changing growing town.Rob was born and rasied in Wilmington and really loves his town and community. He would fight for the people and stand by his word. Rob is a wonderful dad & husband. He is always willing to lend a hand to help.Thank you for your time.Truly yours,Jill T. MedeirosLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedLETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman Mike McCoy Endorses Rob Fasulo For SelectmanIn “Letter To The Editor”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman Mike McCoy Endorses Rob FasuloIn “Letter To The Editor”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fasulo Will Give Residents A Voice On The Board Of SelectmenIn “Letter To The Editor”last_img read more

Stranger Things 3 reviews are out Best season by leaps and bounds

first_img TV and Movies i really loved new #StrangerThings but i’m most excited for everyone to see it and fall madly in love with maya hawke, who is just wonderful. she stole the season for me.— lindsey romain (@lindseyromain) July 1, 2019 So there’s not much more I can say, but I was so impressed with the way specific ships sailed & laughed out loud at least once per episode (mostly at DAD Hopper). Also a shopping scene 🥰 #strangerthings— Emily Longeretta (@emilylongeretta) June 30, 2019 1 Stranger Things is looking good. Netflix Things are about to get Strange. The third season of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things arrives on July 4, and while it may be a stressful summer in Hawkins, Indiana, it’s looking like a great one for fans. The embargo for reviews lifted on Sunday, and critics shared their opinions.  Now playing: Watch this: I think I can finally tell you that #StrangerThings is the show’s best season yet. It’s not perfect (more on that later) but there are moments that are so good, so funny, so deeply heartfelt that it will leave you breathless. It’s also spectacularly gross and I loved it.— Crystal Bell (@crystalbell) June 30, 2019 We know from the recent final trailer that Billy (Dacre Montgomery) could be the target of some Upside Down evil this season. But apparently he’s also a great character this year. “Billy f****** owns,” Colburn writes. Look at this baller piece of clothing— Aᴀʀᴏɴ Pʀᴜɴᴇʀ (@AaronFlux) July 1, 2019 Now that I’ve seen some of #StrangerThings I am not only hit with a huge powerful wave of nostalgia (I was 9 in 1985) I am seriously wondering if we’ll see the absolute worst 80s fashion come back in style. Again.— Aᴀʀᴏɴ Pʀᴜɴᴇʀ (@AaronFlux) July 1, 2019 i’ve watched #StrangerThings twice now and i think people who already hate it will find even more to hate but i truly believe the show transcends its inelegant ’80s pop culture flirtations with top-notch character work and archetypal subversion. billy fucking owns.— Randall Colburn (@randallcolburn) June 30, 2019 See all the Stranger Things season 3 photos And CNET sister site says the 1980s references are just too much. “It’s entertaining to see beloved characters embracing the spirit of goofy ’80s films, but these homages feel so blatant that it feels more like a parody than a tribute,” the ComicBook review reads.Character critiquesThere will be plenty of familiar faces and a few new ones in Hawkins this season. Who stands out? She’s not alone in calling this season the best so far. Randall Colburn, internet culture editor for The AV Club, calls season 3 the show’s “best season by leaps and bounds.” Stranger Things 3 a brilliant return to form Share your voice To Lindsey Romain of Nerdist, the standout is 20-year-old Maya Hawke (yes, real-life daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman), who plays new character Robin, who apparently works with Steve at Scoops Ahoy, the ice-cream shop in Starcourt Mall. “She stole the season for me,” Romain writes. it’s the best season by leaps and bounds— Randall Colburn (@randallcolburn) June 30, 2019center_img It’s what fans wanted to hear. CNET’s own Jennifer Bisset calls season 3 “a brilliant return to form,” adding that it brings the focus back to the elements that made the first season such an unexpected hit. “This season’s sense of fun, along with its relationship drama and multiple odd pair-ups bring humor and touching moments that recall Game of Thrones at its best,” she writes.MTVNews culture director Crystal Bell tweeted, “I think I can finally tell you that #StrangerThings is the show’s best season yet.” Wrote about the new season of #StrangerThings, which is basically a love letter to old-school tech, shopping malls &, of course, dope retro fits & wild haircuts. The Duffer Brothers did it again: best season yet. (Fret not, didn’t spoil the sauce for you.)— Edgar Alvarez (@abcdedgar) June 30, 2019 And Police Chief Jim Hopper brings the laughs, according to Emily Longeretta of Us Weekly, who says she “laughed out loud at least once per episode (mostly at DAD Hopper).” Some of the humor in #StrangerThings this season is very broad – too broad, especially early on. On the other hand, this felt like the goriest season yet, which, of course, I was very happy about. I had a couple “oh, I probably shouldn’t be eating right now” moments. Yay, gore!— Eric Goldman (@TheEricGoldman) July 1, 2019 Comment Tags Back to the futureIf you’re a 1980s nostalgic, get ready for an awesome and totally tubular summer, as numerous critics say the show’s 1980s references are back. Edgar Alvarez of Engadget not only proclaims this the “best season yet,” but declares the new season is “basically a love letter to old-school tech, shopping malls &, of course, dope retro fits & wild haircuts.”But not everyone is ready for those faddish fashions to return. For reference, I was a huge supporter of jams shorts. Internet picture for reference.— Aᴀʀᴏɴ Pʀᴜɴᴇʀ (@AaronFlux) July 1, 2019 Stranger Things season 3: Everything to know Originally published July 1, 12:36 a.m. PT. Update, 9:25 a.m. PT: Adds more reviews.  And at press time, the third season had a 92 percent Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a Metascore of 71, indicating “generally favorable reviews,” on CNET sister site Metacritic.Stranger Things season 3 will be available on Netflix on July 4. 59 Photos Gross-out gangAnd in case you forgot this show has a horror theme, Eric Goldman of getFandom is there to remind you. “This felt like the goriest season yet,” he writes, “I had a couple ‘oh, I probably shouldn’t be eating right now’ moments. Yay, gore! 2:33 Our season 3 review Netflixlast_img read more

Super 30 Hrithik Roshan cries after watching audiences reaction at special screening

first_imgHrithik Roshan in Super 30TwitterHrithik Roshan recently held a special screening of Super 30 for his friends and relatives in Mumbai and after the screening, the reactions from the audience brought tears to Hrithik’s eyes.Super 30 is being hailed for Hrithik’s honest performance and its storyline. As soon as the screening of the film got over, there was a silence in the cinema hall as everyone was just coping with their emotions. Audience then stood up and gave a standing ovation.Looking at audience’s overwhelming reaction, Hrithik couldn’t hold back his tears. Everyone in the hall hugged the actor after watching the film and spoke about his incredible performance. The atmosphere was highly overwhelming and a moment to behold, for one and all.In Super 30, Hrithik will be seen essaying the role of mathematician, Anand Kumar, who trains students for IIT-JEE in Bihar. The movie also features Mrunal Thakur and Pankaj Tripathi in important roles. The movie will hit the screens across India on July 12.last_img read more

BCL leader held with arm ammo in Lakshmipur

first_imgLogo of arrestPolice arrested an organising secretary of Ramganj Upazila unit of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) along with arms, ammunition and sharp weapons from Maddhya Bahadur area in the upazila town of Lakshmipur on Saturday afternoon, reports news agency UNB.The arrestee was identified as Mohiuddin Sujon, said Ramganj police station officer-in-charge Tota Mia.A light gun (LG), three rounds of bullets and five locally made sharp weapons were recovered from his possession, OC added.last_img

Rohingyas can be a threat to countrys security PM

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh Hasina is addressing her valedictory speech in the 21st (budget) session of the current parliament on 12 July. Photo: PIDPrime minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said the security and stability of Bangladesh could be hampered if the displaced Rohingya people cannot be repatriated soon, reports UNB.”If we can’t send them back soon, there’s an apprehension that our security and stability will be at stake,” she told parliament while replying to a tabled question from Awami League MP Nur Mohammad (Kishoreganj-2).The prime minister said, “It’s very tough for us to arrange food, clothes and accommodation for over 1.1 million Myanmar nationals for an indefinite time.”This is why the government has been making diplomatic efforts to find out a permanent solution since the very beginning of the crisis for sending the forcibly-displaced Rohingyas back to their homeland, she said.Sheikh Hasina said the displaced people, deprived of basic rights by the Myanmar authorities, are naturally suffering from dissatisfaction.Noting that any repatriation process is a very complicated and lengthy process, she said Bangladesh and the international community are exerting pressure on Myanmar to create a congenial environment in Rakhine state.Unfortunately, she said, it is true there has been no visible progress in the situation due to a rigid stance of Myanmar government.Besides, Myanmar is involved in carrying out propaganda in the international arena that the Rohingya repatriation is being delayed for the noncooperation of Bangladesh, she added.The prime minister said Bangladesh repeatedly raised voice in different fora that Myanmar is responsible for taking back its all the displaced people, and Myanmar will have to take the initiative in this regard.She said Bangladesh and Myanmar signed a total of three bilateral agreements. The repatriation process would be completed within two years according to an agreement out of three. “But the Myanmar government has delayed the process by creating in many ways.”In reply to a question from treasury bench member M Abdul Latif (Chattogram-11), the prime minister said the government has set a target to create some 15 million jobs in the next five years.She said the present government has taken various measures to transform the young generation into human resources by creating jobs in the country in line with strategies and targets of the 7thfive-year plan (2016-20).last_img read more

YouTube Will Make Cobra Kai Other Originals Free to Watch Later This

first_img Related Silicon Valleywood: Content Creators Discuss if Storytelling is Driven by Data “Impulse” stars Maddie Hasson as Henrietta “Henry” Cole, a rebellious 16-year-old girl who discovers she has the extraordinary ability to teleport, and her newfound power confirms her conviction that she really was different from everybody else — but it now makes her the focus of those who want to control her. The series is produced by Universal Content Productions, Hypnotic, and showrunner Lauren LeFranc.Other YouTube announcements at Brandcast included a deal teased with Justin Bieber for a special project premiering next year, a renewal of Kevin Hart’s “What the Fit?” for season 3, and a deal to live-stream the Lollapalooza music festival this summer. YouTube Rings in Era of Ad-Supported Originals By Making ‘Cobra Kai’ Free to Watch “For today’s viewers, primetime is personal and our content resonates so strongly due to the diversity and richness of our unmatched library and platform capabilities,” YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl said at the Brandcast event for ad execs Thursday in New York. “While every other media company is building a paywall, we are headed in the opposite direction.”According to YouTube, its originals amassed over 2.5 billion views across 50 shows last year — and it’s hoping the free-window strategy boosts views even more.YouTube said it will announce additional free ad-supported premiere dates for other programming at a later date, including supernatural drama “Impulse” and comedy “Liza On Demand,” starring digital star Liza Koshy. Other originals that have been stashed behind the paywall include “Step Up: High Water,” based on the dance-movie franchise.For YouTube, the Single Slate is an effort to better monetize its original productions through ads — across the site’s massive 2 billion-plus monthly users. It’s also part of its refocusing originals on music, learning and personality-driven projects and away from scripted fare, which may not have been delivering the hoped-for payback in driving subscriptions to YouTube Premium. YouTube recently canceled multiple scripted shows, including “Champaign ILL,” “Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television,” “Sideswiped,” “Do You Want to See a Dead Body,” “Overthinking With Kat & June,” “Youth & Consequences” and “Origin.”YouTube scripted originals include “Liza on Demand” and “Impulse,” both of which have been renewed for second seasons and are slated to premiere this fall, initially on YouTube Premium.The half-hour “Liza On Demand” will return with a 10-episode run following the chaotic misadventures of Liza (Liza Koshy) and her roommates Oliver (Travis Coles) and Harlow (Kimiko Glenn) as Liza takes on various tasks and odd jobs while trying to get ahead in the gig economy. The series is produced by Above Average, founded in 2012 by Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video.center_img Popular on Variety YouTube is officially bringing all of its original series and specials — available for free, with ads — starting this year.It’s shift in strategy for YouTube, which has previously made premium content available only to subscribers of YouTube Premium, which costs $11.99 monthly in the U.S. In some cases, however, YouTube will selectively window shows on the free, ad-supported side of the platform.YouTube last fall revealed its intent to release its premium originals for free viewing, under what it calls a “Single Slate” strategy.Now it has some details: The free-to-watch shows from YouTube will include the first two seasons of “Cobra Kai,” YouTube’s popular series that continues the story of the “Karate Kid,” beginning this fall — and which it just renewed for season 3. For two weeks, from Aug. 29 to Sept. 11, YouTube will make all of “Cobra Kai” season 1 available for free. Then on Sept. 11, YouTube will serve up the second season of “Cobra Kai” globally for free, with new episodes released weekly. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more