Generations come out for resurgence of pipe ceremony

first_imgCharlotte Morritt-JacobsAPTN National NewsA national pipe ceremony that will make its way across the country made its first stop in the Northwest Territories this weekend.The pipe ceremony was repressed during the residential school era.Generations came out to take part in the resurgence of their history.cmorrittjacobs@aptn.calast_img

BC government launches new healthcare strategy

first_imgAlso part of the new strategy is the implementation of primary care networks that will be the backbone to the team-based approach. The networks will allow patients access to a full range of health-care options from maternity to end of life, streamlining referrals from one provider to another, and providing better support to family physicians, nurse practitioners, and other primary health-care providers. The networks are being rolled out in the first five communities, including Burnaby, Comox, Prince George, Richmond and South Okanagan Similkameen. The networks will be rolled out in at least 15 communities over the next 12 months, and across 70 percent of B.C. communities over the next three years. VANCOUVER, B.C. — Premier John Horgan announced today that the B.C. government is launching a new primary health-care strategy to deliver faster and improved access to health care in the province.At the heart of the strategy is a new focus on team-based care that will see government fund and recruit more doctors, nurse practitioners and other health professionals, to put patients back at the centre of health-care delivery. The government says it will put the initial priority on addressing the shortage of general practitioners in the province by funding up to 200 new general practitioners to work in the new team-based care model.“By improving how we connect people to care, we can help make sure that British Columbians get the health care they need faster and closer to home,” said Premier Horgan. “The kind of care people need, and how it’s delivered, has to change. It’s no longer as simple as a doctor-patient relationship. We need to be looking forward and providing team-based care that better meets the needs of British Columbians. In every community I visit, patients, doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals all say the same thing: ‘Health care delivery must become more patient centred.’ We’re getting the job done.”last_img read more

My friend is asking about the crisis of Islam and Muslims

Rabat – A friend to whom I can refuse nothing wrote to me asking my opinion about what he called the degradation of the notoriety of Islam. The question took me by surprise. In fact, the impression I had was contrary to his perception.For me, Islam was making a strong come back, a surge unprecedented since the first centuries of its advent. I thought that fewer Muslims were challenging the foundations of their faith. I was thankful to my friend for his question because he gave me a new perspective. I decided to review the dominating religious discourse. I analyzed the data based on how rational, coherent, historically sound, and objective it was. This was especially important considering the “faithful” who are making news promoting, fighting, dying, killing, and seeking political power through Islam.To address my friend’s question in a manner pertinent to his concerns, I tried to understand what made him ask that specific question. I assumed he must have supposed that Muslims are going through some sort of cultural or identity crisis and/or that their religion has been suffering from some fatal ailments. Maybe he saw signs that Islam was undergoing a sudden anarchic multiplication of malign ideological outgrowths or that it is splitting into competing segments. Perhaps, just as many others, including Muslims, my friend must have difficulties identifying which is the authentic Islam from the feuding scores each of which claims it, alone, is the true one, and therefore, the only one entitled to prevail. This conviction of prevalence would not have been a problem were it of a pure intellectual nature.It appears that the multiple rites and sects of the faith that have been until recently celebrated as being able to coexist, and may actually have done so at times, has suddenly and unexpectedly diverted from their peaceful trajectories. As a matter of fact, after long centuries of complete darkness and silencing of the mind, the aura that maintained the myth and sacredness of religious discourses, started to dim and to allow clearer visibility. Religious discourse grew vulnerable, exposed to the close scrutiny of all.The spread of education, literacy and of information technology as well as satellite television broadcasting freely from non Muslim countries exposed flaws in religious discourse to a wider majority. The once well kept secrets that empowered the privileged few could now reveal their incoherence, ambiguity, lies, and their treachery. Women are among those formerly excluded who have stepped in with force.In fact, the entry of women to the field has already had significant impact in many countries including Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. The hard line discourse has given way under collective political ideological pressure placed by women and other new scholars.Increased literacy rates have stripped the old scholars of the myth they had built around themselves for centuries. New scholars have brought voices and attitudes to the population. While the denial of reason, of intelligence, of questioning and of challenging is rejected, the right to know, to be listened to and to require relevant and updated answers is being claimed.Furthermore, propositions of translations into vernacular and local varieties of the Arabic language that have gone viral on social media have demythologized texts. No wonder, the gatekeepers of the religious temple have opposed and are opposing these translations and these programs with utmost violence.Likewise, doubt, which is a prohibited intellectual faculty to the layperson in the religious tradition, has become unavoidable as scientific information has become more accessible. New information challenges many fundamentals of the rigid religious discourse about the universe, creation, biology, physiology, history, psychology, sociology, etc.. The stubbornness of religious scholarship has thus become its major foe.The discourse of the religious establishment and of its leading scholars has become esoteric, inaccessible, and unreliable. Books about the end and the death of the major pillars of the religious heritage are widely circulated. New profiles of scholars trained in religious matters but also in the modern human sciences are entering the discourse. Arguments deconstructing the foundations of common knowledge, beliefs and convictions have never been as accessible to as many as they are nowadays.One such example is the reduction of the dominating religious discourse of all peoples in North Africa and the Middle East into one origin, namely, that of Arabia. Kurdish, Amazigh, Yezedi, African and other origins are forced into a conception of the region that either acknowledges its Arabism or is treated as heathen, sold out to Western ideologies and interests, and anti-Islam.The forced overlap of a faith onto a racial condition in defiance to historical and geographical facts that have been occulted for centuries but which science has proved wrong has led this religious discourse to absurd theories positing the Arabic language and race as the prototypes of all others in the region. Such discourse has thus defeated its own agendas and has become responsible for its own decay and degradation.The role social media is playing in this transformation of the relationship of individuals and groups to religion and religious discourse is of paramount importance. In addition to providing platforms to all the trends, sects, rites and to all types of attitudes and cultures, social media has also exposing the private lives of leading figures of the opposing parties. Whether through fake news, fabricated images or through reports of actual events, social media has disclosed the contradictions and hypocrisy of manipulative opinion leaders.Cases of lecherous behaviors bother men and women who teach and claim modesty, chastity, loyalty and generosity. One issue that is being discussed is the invitation of Muslims to engage in jihad. The paradox lies in that those proselytizers campaigning for jihad do not engage in it themselves nor do they engage their own offspring to sacrifice their lives in exchange of better ones in the thereafter in compliance with their propaganda. Instead, they collect huge amounts of money from their campaigns and spend it on themselves and on their children to enjoy the pleasures of life on Earth.Such discourse is especially appealing among younger generations and adolescents who have difficulties relating to the mainstream way of life both in their own societies and in foreign countries, which are predominantly Christian. This is due to the chronic insufficiency of socializing institutions, the lack of success models, the unavailability of viable opportunities, school failure, idleness, unemployment, marginalization and discrimination.Other reasons are more subjective and include perceived racism that may be real at times, a deep feeling of pain resulting from being left out. Not the least of all these factors is the culture in which wealth and luxury are the measure of worth and relevance of humans. The consequent disappointment, feeling of loss, hopelessness and despair of all the categories of factors create situations conducive to the positive response to the radical and extremist discourse of these propagandists of fundamentalist attitudes.Claims of the urgency of drastic reforms of millenary legislation deeply rooted in the tradition of religious teachings and commandments are not only being discussed and claimed but actually acted upon and implemented. The social status of women that is being transformed away from the mainstream religious tradition in many countries is but one example.Overt challenges of religious ideologies and imposed behaviors are witnessed in the most suppressive and oppressive regimes and more people, women and men, are standing up against them and taking huge risks to their freedom and their lives. Resistance is, however, literally deadly and is justified by the obligation to maintain the status quo that is presented as the divine will and natural order.The confrontation is among trends that limit the approach to tradition to acceptance, total adherence and submission and those that range from questioning it, submitting it to criticism, and to reasonable adaptation and updating to calls for the total removal of the religious factor from the public sphere. Religion, for the latter trend, is and should remain a private variable that has to be kept away from legislation, politics and professional and social ethics and morality.The argument is that throughout history the closest religion had been to any of these spheres, the consequences were the rise of egocentrism, ethnocentrism, hatred, exclusion of minorities, excessive exploitation of humans in diverse forms of forced labor, abuse of the dignity and physical integrity of humans, monopolization of power and of wealth by a few that do not hesitate to impose their authority by coercion and extreme violence.Increased accessibility to new and critical versions of history has disclosed the absurdity of many accounts that had been held at face value to be self evident and which were manipulated to support and maintain convictions and beliefs and to justify the status quo and the rule of dynasties, tribes, other groups.The crisis which my friend, who must be waiting for my response to his query, has mentioned must be one of the types that accompany every metamorphosis and renewal. In other words, it is the pain that heralds radical change. The syndrome that transformation is underway in societies in which Islam has been part of the culture for so long it has shaped mindsets, behaviors and imagination and in which people are aware they have either to reinvent their religion to make room for contemporariness and modernity or it will slip out of their control  before they can see it disappear or turn into something they would not be proud of.The crisis may be the symptom of the attitudes that support ignorance, imitation, the skill of reproducing models, of mistrust, of fear and of essentializing marginal issues. This is to invest the universe of knowledge, creation, innovation, critical thinking, responsibility, solidarity, acknowledgment of the centrality of the human, the prominence of reality over any transcendence, confidence, responsibility and accountability.The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent any institution or entity. © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission. read more

Granting of GSP plus to Sri Lanka printed in EU official journal

The Commission has been empowered to adopt delegated acts to amend Annex III to Regulation (EU) No 978/2012 in order to grant GSP+ to a requesting country by adding it to the list of GSP+ beneficiary countries. (Colombo Gazette) The Commission said it has examined the GSP+ request from Sri Lanka in accordance with the provisions of Article 10(1) of Regulation (EU) No 978/2012, and the Commission has established that Sri Lanka meets the conditions. In January this year the European Commission had noted that on 12 July 2016, the Commission received a GSP+ request from Sri Lanka. The decision by the European Commission to grant GSP plus to Sri Lanka has been printed in the official journal of the European Union (EU) and Sri Lanka has access to the EU market under the special scheme from today.The official journal of the EU issued yesterday (Thursday) amends an earlier decision to withdraw the GSP plus scheme granted to Sri Lanka. For that purpose, Article 9(1) of Regulation (EU) No 978/2012 establishes specific eligibility criteria for the granting of the tariff preferences provided under the GSP+.The country should be considered vulnerable due to a lack of sufficient diversification and insufficient integration with the international trading system.It should have ratified all the conventions listed in Annex VIII to Regulation (EU) No 978/2012 and the most recent available conclusions of the relevant monitoring bodies should not identify a serious failure to effectively implement any of those conventions. In relation to any of the relevant conventions, the country should not have formulated a reservation which is prohibited by the convention or which, for the exclusive purposes of Article 9 of Regulation (EU) No 978/2012, is considered to be incompatible with the object and purpose of that convention. It should accept without reservation the reporting requirements imposed by each convention and give the binding undertakings referred to in points (d), (e) and (f) of Article 9(1) of Regulation (EU) No 978/2012. A GSP beneficiary country wishing to benefit from GSP+ has to submit a request accompanied by comprehensive information concerning ratification of the relevant conventions, its reservations and the objections to those reservations made by other parties to the convention, and its binding undertakings. “Sri Lanka should therefore be granted GSP+ from the date of entry into force of this Regulation. Annex III to Regulation (EU) No 978/2012 should be amended accordingly. Pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) No 978/2012, the Commission should keep under review the status of ratification of the relevant conventions, the effective implementation of those conventions, as well as the cooperation with the relevant monitoring bodies by the government of Sri Lanka,” the Commission said.A beneficiary country under the Generalised Scheme of Tariff Preferences (‘GSP’) may request to benefit from additional tariff preferences under the special incentive arrangement for sustainable development and good governance (GSP+). read more

iPhone 5 screen protector photos suggest elongated home button larger body

first_imgThere seems to be two different camps in terms of the upcoming iPhone 5’s body. The first think the iPhone 5 will look almost identical to the iPhone 4, but will have some improvements, like a new antenna design to solve the dropped calls “Death Grip” problem. Other improvements to the iPhone 4-looking iPhone 5 may be the inclusion of an A5 processor and an 8-megapixel camera. Then there’s the second group of people who think the iPhone 5 will have a completely redesigned body.We’ve heard rumors of the iPhone 5 reverting back to a similar design to the iPhone 3G with a curved, ergonomic back. We also heard talk of a tapered design where the bottom of the phone would be thinner than the top part, angling the device when it sits on a flat surface. Reports of a 4.2-inch screen have also been debated, as has an edge-to-edge screen, which left many of us wondering what would happen to the home button. Would it be removed altogether? But then, how would we get back to the main screen without a home button? We think it’s rather unlikely that the home button will actually be removed, and new photos have appeared that validate our thoughts on the home screen.The photos, from, show shots of a screen protector that has purportedly been designed for the iPhone 5. Interestingly enough, there is a spot for the home button. In fact, it’s elongated and resembles the shape of the pills seen in Dr. Mario. Another interesting discovery is that the screen protector is much larger in size than the iPhone 4. So, will the iPhone 5 have a larger, nearly edge-to-edge screen after all?That being said, creating a dinky film protector isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, so there’s a good chance this piece of plastic will not be protecting the screen of the next-gen iPhone. We will have to keep waiting until the iPhone 5 is announced in (possibly) October to see exactly what it looks, via MacRumorslast_img read more

Nestlé rappelle des petits pots pour bébé

first_imgNestlé rappelle des petits pots pour bébéNestlé France a annoncé dans un communiqué un rappel “par mesure de précaution” d’un lot de “P’tit Pot” recette banane, qui pourrait contenir des morceaux de verre.Des petits pots destinés aux bébés pourraient contenir des morceaux de verre et seraient donc potentiellement dangereux, a prévenu hier soir Nestlé France dans un communiqué. Le géant de l’alimentation a indiqué que les lots en question sont des lots de P’tit Pot à la banane vendus par deux, dont le code barre est “7613033089732” et dont la date limite de consommation est “10/2012”. Les numéros des lots sont “L 10980295”.Nestlé France invite donc les personnes ayant acheté ces petits pots, vendus uniquement dans l’Hexagone, à les retourner au magasin “par mesure de précaution”.Les autres petits pots pour bébé de la gamme “P’tit Pot” ou les aliments de la gamme “P’tite Recette” et “NaturNes” ne sont pas concernés par le rappel d’après Nestlé.Le 30 juin 2011 à 09:17 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Les fondateurs de The Pirate Bay écopent dune peine de prison ferme

first_imgLes fondateurs de The Pirate Bay écopent d’une peine de prison fermeFredrik Neij, Peter Sunde et Carl Lundström ont été condamné à la prison ferme et doivent s’acquitter de plus de 5 millions d’euros de dommages et intérêts pour avoir fondé le site The Pirate Bay, qui favorisait notamment le téléchargement illégal. Ils avaient fait appel mais celui-ci a été rejeté par la Cour Suprême suédoise. Le jugement avait débuté en 2009 et s’est conclu hier. Toutefois, les peines ont été réduite pour les fondateurs, qui se sont vus infliger 1 an de prison pour Neij, 8 mois pour Sunde et 4 mois pour Lundström. Un quatrième protagoniste, Gottfrid Svartholm, vivant au Cambodge, a également écopé d’un an de prison ferme. Les condamnés, qui font le lien direct avec les évènements récents sur la fermeture de Megaupload et leur procès, accuse le lobby du divertissement d’intimider la Suède (et les autres, on pense notamment aux lois SOPA ou HADOPI). Mais les fondateurs du site suédois ont prévu le coup pour éviter de finir comme MegaUpload. The Pirate Bay a donc migrer. Son nom de domaine n’est plus en .org mais en .se, évitant ainsi une éventuelle saisie par les autorités américaines, qui ont lancé leur chasse aux sorcières récemment et aimerait bien maintenir la pression.Concernant leur procès, les quatre condamnés compte bien se défendre en saisissant la Cour européenne de justice. Mais sera-t-elle plus clémente? Rappelons que pour le moment, le site des suédois n’a toujours pas été fermé. Le 2 février 2012 à 18:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

New Director of Public Prosecutions selected among 11

first_img More motor mishaps; PDM Leader calls for Govt attention to illegal jitneys, again Related Items:governor peter beckingham, john masters, public prosecutions Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 12 Mar 2015 – A 27 year barrister has won the job of Director of Public Prosecutions and his name is John Masters. Governor His Excellency Peter Beckingham explained: “He brings with him a wealth of experience, and I hope his skills will enhance the work of the prosecutions department within the overall criminal justice system.” That experience has been built from time in the United Kingdom, Australia and the Cayman Islands. The appointment was made on March 10; Masters begins his job of the new DPP on April 27. Joanne Meloche was the first in the role, she departed the job in February. Eleven individuals had applied for the job. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you DR wants consulate office in TCI New Prison Supt & Officer of the Year Awardedlast_img read more

Airports Authority reveals sabotage at South Caicos Airport

first_img Related Items:fire truck, sabotage, south caicos airport, Tciaa Airports Authority commanded to protect South Caicos airport by airline Former Premier says PNP left plan for Salt Cay airport, but there is no evidence of the claim Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 09 Mar 2016 – Sabotage at the South Caicos Airport is reported, reluctantly by the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority. Photos to show the damage which has rendered the fire services inoperable were sent to media by the TCIAA. When fire service is down, it means the airport must be closed or limited to flights and this is happening just as South Caicos finally gets one of its long awaited for resorts, up and running. The TCIAA this morning said in a statement that, “The Authority views this as a calculated attempt to intentionally damage Airport’s property and cripple its operations. The Executives and Board are disappointed by this senseless act. Several engineers were immediately sent to repair the damage done to the fire trucks. Extensive works were done and the fire equipment is now recovered as it had to undergo extensive testing before usage.” Vandalism of official property is seemingly on the increase; in Grand Turk there are similar reports about personal cars and Government vehicles.The TCIAA has hired more security at the site. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Exercise Design Training Workshop 22nd – 26th February 2016last_img read more

Burton boss wants to make history

first_imgFor Nigel Clough, a single goal against Manchester City would suffice to make his team very happy after losing 9-0 in the first leg of the Football League Cup Semifinal.Manchester City defeated Burton 9-0 in the first leg of the Football League Cup Semifinal.The small Football League One club could not compete against the English Premier League side.And they are set to play tomorrow again in the second leg.For Burton boss Nigel Clough, a single goal would suffice to make his side very proud before being eliminated from the competition.“It will be about little milestones and pride of course,” said Clough to the BBC.“If one of our players could score against one of the best teams in Europe then that would be a milestone for us.”Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“And it would be a wonderful individual milestone for whoever got a goal.”“It will probably never happen again. To beat the team’s we have beaten to get here and end up in the last four with Manchester City, Chelsea, and Tottenham – three of the best sides in Europe,” he added.“It’s amazing, really, and the fact that the semi-finals are over two legs helps emphasize that.”Burton Albion defeated Premier League side Burnley, and Championship teams Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, and Middlesbrough to be able to play against City.The team was founded 69 years ago and last season played in the Championship before being relegated.The Brewers have never been able to reach the Premier League.last_img read more

Vancouver physician uses Webbased patient monitoring

first_imgMost of America’s health plans follow care recommendations established by the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, a tool created by the private, nonprofit National Committee for Quality Assurance.Dr. Terry Williams has 1,940 patients.Some haven’t checked in for years. Others require consistent medical oversight for things like chronic disease, constant pain or medication management.Now the Vancouver physician is part of an innovative Web-based system designed to improve care for all his patients.Called the panel support tool, it can keep tabs on high-maintenance patients and reach out to people who go to the doctor only when they see blood spurting.“It’s all about better and appropriate care for the patients,” said Williams, a family medicine physician at the Kaiser Permanente medical center in Orchards.And there is a big gap in care, according to a study published recently by Kaiser researchers.“Patients in the U.S. receive only about half of the preventive and follow-up care now recommended by national guidelines,” said Dr. Adrianne Feldstein, senior investigator at Kaiser’s Center for Health Research in Portland and lead author of a study published in The American Journal of Managed Care.The panel support tool addresses that shortfall by comparing the care the patient is receiving to what’s recommended by national guidelines.With the world’s largest nongovernmental set of electronic medical records, Kaiser can sift information for an individual patient, or sort out groups of people with a specific condition.last_img read more

ICICI Kotak Downgrade Nestle India Stock

first_imgWith its key revenue driver Maggi instant noodles in trouble, the Nestle India stock has been downgraded yet again, this time by ICICI and Kotak. The brand holds 72 percent (by volume) of the instant noodle market in India and contributes about 30 percent to its net sales. A nationwide recall of the product is therefore is seen as a major setback to its revenues by has cut the price target to ₹6,039 from ₹6,901, while Kotak had downgraded it to ₹5,800 from ₹6,012.”We have a cautious view on the stock as we expect volume growth to remain under pressure in CY15E (volume growth at 0.7% CAGR in CY11-14). We cut our target price on the stock to Rs 6039 per share (45x its CY16E earnings) and maintain our HOLD rating on the stock,” according to has said that the impact on Nestle India is contigent on certain factors. “The impact of the Maggi recall on Nestle India’s current year’s numbers is likely to be moderate-to-substantial, depending on the pace of (1) resolution of issue at hand, and (2) regaining consumer confidence,” analysts at Kotak said in their research note, according to The Economic Times.The Nestle India stock came under heavy selling pressure this week, as the controversy raged on its Maggi instant noodles, after food regulators of several Indian states detected more than permissible limits of lead and MSG in Maggi noodle samples and banned it.Falling by 15 percent in six trading sessions, the stock price saw some stabilization on Friday.The share price of Nestle India closed at ₹ 5,997.10 on the Bombay Stock Exchange on 5 June, down 15 percent from ₹7,064.85 on 27 May. The volume of Nestle’s shares traded on the stock exchanges rose three times than the average volume in the past few months.Foreign brokerage Barclays had earlier downgraded its target price for the Nestle India stock to ₹5,149 from ₹5,593 previously estimated, Business Today reported.last_img read more

India calls off meeting with Pakistan foreign minister

first_imgPakistan`s new foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi listens during a news conference at the foreign ministry in Islamabad, Pakistan on 20 August 2018. Reuters File PhotoIndia called off on Friday a planned meeting of its foreign minister with her Pakistani counterpart on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly later this month.India has decided to drop the idea of the proposed meeting, the first such high-level talk planned in years between the nuclear rivals, to protest about the killing of Indian security personnel and the glorification of a militant and militancy by Pakistan, India’s foreign office said in a statement.The ministry had announced the meeting after Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan wrote to his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, suggesting their foreign ministers meet in New York.But the statement said that since its announcement “two deeply disturbing developments have taken place”.It cited “the latest brutal killings of our security personnel by Pakistan-based entities” and the recent release of postage stamps by Pakistan which it said glorified “a terrorist and terrorism”.Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi blamed Indian politics. “Some elements don’t want resumption of talks between India and Pakistan. The elections in India are near and it appears that internal politics have influenced the government,” he told the local Samaa TV channel.An Indian general election is due by May.The Modi government has insisted that Pakistan act against anti-India Islamist militant groups that operate from its soil before it can resume peace talks to resolve long standing differences over the Himalayan region of Kashmir and other disputes.Pakistan denies aiding and abetting attacks in India including in Kashmir and says it is fighting militant groups for its own security.last_img

Fake News Warning Barcoded ID will not cease to exist in 2018

first_imgA rumour has gone viral on social media that the green, bar-coded Identity Book will “cease to be legal” as from April 2018.The false message on social media, as seen on the Home Affairs Facebook pageThe Department of Home Affairs issued a statement denying that the social media post is true, describing it as a hoax or fake news.There is no truth to the rumour that the green, bar-coded Identity Book will expire in April.Also read: Sassa hoax story makes national news!Also read: Beware of carjacking scamPeople are urged not to believe messages like this on social media, as they are almost 100% certain to be a hoax. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Trust in reputable news sites like the Ladysmith Gazette.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

Wildfires destroy thousands of hectares of protected areas private lands

first_imgFirefighters are battling to extinguish at least six wildfires in the central and northern Pacific as well as in the country’s northern inland region.The largest active fire has already consumed more than 1,500 hectares of wetlands in Los Chiles, north of Alajuela. The fire has burned through both private lands and protected areas in the hard-to-access region along the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.Since Sunday, firefighters have been focused on extinguishing a wildfire inside Guanacaste National Park that has destroyed more than 900 hectares.The fire began last Tuesday and was almost controlled on Wednesday, but strong winds revived the blaze.Firefighter crews are taking turns to keep up the fight around the clock, as smaller fires are also affecting open areas in the Puntarenas cantons of Garabito, Paquera and Cóbano as well as Orotina in Alajuela.Firefighters sent a helicopter bucket, called a Bambi Bucket, however strong winds along most of the Pacific region have prevented it from flying in certain areas.There have been a total of 61 wildfires in Costa Rica since the beginning of the year, two less than during the same period last year, according to the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC).Luis Diego Román Madriz, coordinator of SINAC’s National Commission on Wildfires, said 30 of the fires have occurred inside protected areas. More than 1,100 hectares of protected areas have been burned and a large number of wild animals killed, according to a recent report.Farmers in Guanacaste are struggling to feed their cattle as fires have consumed several hectares of grassland.Officers from the Public Security Ministry’s Air Surveillance Service will conduct overflights in the most affected areas to monitor and evaluate damage. Flights mainly will be over the Guanacaste National Park and wetlands in the northern cantons of Upala and Los Chiles.The provinces with the most wildfires so far this year are Puntarenas with 20, San José with 13 and Alajuela with eight.Román asked the population to avoid lighting fires in open spaces, as the effects of an El Niño weather phenomenon are increasing temperatures and wind gusts in several areas of the country.Firefighters are hoping weather conditions allow them to send the Bambi Bucket unit again. They’re also taking measurements to determine total affected area.The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) reported Sunday that strong winds along most of the Pacific region will be present at least during the first three days of this week.The current wildfire season began on Jan. 15 and according to IMN forecasts, extreme weather conditions likely will continue in the coming months due to El Niño. Forest Firefighters found many dead animals at Caño Negro wildlife refuge, in Costa Rica’s northern zone. (Courtesy of SINAC) Facebook Comments Related posts:Environment Ministry officials report increased damage of wildfires inside protected areas Wildfire burns more than 1,200 hectares of mountainous areas west of San José Wildfire destroys 5 hectares of Costa Rica’s Palo Verde National Park Environment officials warn of wildfire risk due to strong windslast_img read more

A movie star makes India confront its taboos

first_imgAssociated PressNEW DELHI (AP) – A Bollywood megastar is making India confront its dark side.Shining light on inequities like the rampant abortion of female fetuses, caste discrimination and the slaying of brides in dowry disputes, actor Aamir Khan has reached an estimated one-third of the country with a new TV talk show that tackles persistent flaws of modern India that many of its citizens would prefer to ignore. Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths “Satyamev Jayate” has tackled many horrors unique to India: the torture and murder of young brides for bringing insufficient dowries to their in-laws; the shunning and degradation of those at the bottom of Hinduism’s caste hierarchy.Others are more universal _ alcoholism and child sexual abuse _ but made worse by a conservative culture unwilling to deal with them.The program is broadcast on several networks estimated to reach about 400 million people in India. Since its debut, more than 13 million people have posted suggestions and messages of support on the show’s Web site. The alcohol abuse episode sent 60,000 phone calls flooding the Alcoholics Anonymous helpline, said the show’s co-director Svati Chakravarty.“It was unprecedented in the history of AA worldwide.”Rights workers say Khan has used his celebrity with remarkable effect.Stalin K, a rights activist and documentary filmmaker who appeared in the caste episode, said none of the issues raised were new, but that Khan’s show was giving them far more attention than the glancing treatment they usually get in India’s media.“It’s a different level of engagement,” he said. “The conversations are much deeper.” Men’s health affects baby’s health too “It’s both ironic and amusing that it took an actor from Bollywood to shine a light on the yawning gaps in Indian journalism,” political commentator Tavleen Singh wrote in a recent column.The show has done “what us hacks should have been doing over and over again,” she wrote.Khan, 47, began his career in Bollywood as a romantic hero in the late 1980s. But over the last decade he has broken new ground in Bollywood, fashioning a career path combining the social consciousness of George Clooney with the hero appeal of Tom Cruise.Now one of the industry’s very biggest stars, he has the cachet to push through any project he chooses. He produced, directed and acted in a film about the journey of a misunderstood dyslexic child. His film “3 Idiots” examined the sorry state of India’s education system. He’s thrown his weight behind social causes _ joining anti-dam protesters and embracing an anti-corruption activist. The talk show has cemented his status as Bollywood’s first true activist-star.Khan initially was asked to host a TV game show. He refused.“I want to do something dynamically different,” he told Open magazine. “I continued to think about it, and slowly this idea was conceived.” Comments   Share   Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, familycenter_img The show forced Paromita Dey to confront an act she had tried to bury.Four years ago, Dey and her husband Souporno _ already parents to a teenage daughter _ ended a pregnancy because she was carrying another girl. Like millions of Indian families, they wanted a son.In the opening episode of Khan’s program in May, Ameesha Yagnik haltingly recalled how her husband forced her to abort six female fetuses in eight years. How he threw her out of the house but refused to let her meet her infant daughter for months until she agreed to divorce him.Both Khan and his audience were in tears.So were the Deys when they watched the show.“Yes, I killed my baby because she was a girl,” a shaken Paromita Dey said, sitting in her home in a posh neighborhood in the northern city of Lucknow.That India’s highly skewed gender ratio is a cause for concern isn’t new. Census after census has revealed that fewer and fewer girls are being born, despite strict laws against sex-selective abortions and a slew of failed government incentives and programs.Yet Khan’s show created such an outpouring of outrage that the government of the western state of Rajasthan, with one of the worst gender ratios, promised action, and a village head there formed a committee to check against the practice. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Khan’s reputation as a thinking person’s superstar adds to the show’s credibility, but for the most part he keeps to the background _ only speaking when someone looks lost for words or to explain something to his audience.In a recent episode, Khan interviewed a university professor who had battled years of discrimination for being a dalit _ the lowest Hindu caste. Kaushal Panwar spoke about being taunted in her village school, about not being allowed to drink water from the same clay pot as upper caste children.Khan interjected only a few times, mostly to give Panwar time to hold back her tears, and once to admonish his audience and viewers that “if I believe an accident of birth makes me superior to you, that is a mental illness.”It remains to be seen whether the show’s momentum can translate into substantial reforms. But Stalin says Khan’s work is vitally important.“This amount of discussion in such a short amount of time is unprecedented,” he said.___Associated Press Writer Biswajeet Banerjee in Lucknow, India contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories “Satyamev Jayate”, or “Truth Alone Prevails,” is a clever blend of hard news and raw emotional appeal _ part 60 Minutes, part Oprah. Its influence has even prodded the notoriously lethargic government machinery into action, though it’s too soon to know what policy changes may be in the works.After an episode exposed rampant medical malpractice and championed giving cheap, generic medicine to millions of India’s poor, Khan was invited to address a Parliament hearing on health care.Indians haven’t seen anything quite like this. Hard-hitting talk shows are rare and certainly none has acquired even a fraction of the popularity and buzz Khan’s has generated since its debut 11 weeks ago. And Bollywood superstars have ventured into television only to host glitzy game or reality shows.For many middle class Indians _ comfortable in their belief that their country had moved beyond most of these problems _ Khan’s show has been a gut-wrenching and poignant dose of bitter reality.“Definitely it’s reminding people that there are problems within our society,” said Narendra Kumar, an environmental researcher in New Delhi. “It’s also creating discussions and sometimes helping people find solutions to the problems.” Top Stories Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to helplast_img read more

NATO OKs small defense advisory mission for Libya

first_img Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Comments   Share   Quick workouts for men Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitycenter_img BRUSSELS (AP) – NATO says it is setting up a small team of experts to advise Libya in building the country’s defense institutions.Carmen Romero, a spokeswoman for the defense alliance, said ambassadors from NATO’s 28 member countries on Monday granted the request first made by Libyan authorities in May.She says the team won’t have a permanent base in Libya but will operate from Brussels and comprise “no more than 10 people.” 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Libya has been in turmoil since the end of a civil war that ousted and killed longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi in 2011, with the new security forces still struggling to assert their control over the vast, mostly barren North African country.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

SITA transforms ground operations at airports with new app

first_imgSITA, the IT provider to the air transport industry, has worked with Microsoft to deliver a Windows 10 universal app –  SITA AirsideApp –  a sophisticated mobile application that transforms ground operations at airports.This app, which fully digitizes processes, works on phones and tablets and can also be used with wearable computing devices for efficient hands-free operations.Microsoft and SITA jointly developed AirsideApp to replace the current paper-based and slow manual processes by integrating the multiple airline, airport and ground handler systems used during ground operations. The app collects and shares information in real time and presents an easy-to-use interface on Windows 10 mobile devices and tablets for ground agents. In addition, notifications and status updates can be provided on the Microsoft Band allowing for hands-free updates on the go.SITA’s mobile app is in use today at a leading Asian airline and at airports in Asia and the Middle East where it has been shown to reduce administration time to process forms and manuals by as much as 30% and increase the accuracy of time-stamped activity recording by up to 25%.Craig Dewar, Sr. Director, Windows Commercial Product Marketing, Microsoft, said: “Microsoft has collaborated with SITA to develop this mobile solution because of SITA’s unique expertise across airline, airport and ground-handling operations.“SITA’s understanding of the business processes enabled our joint design teams to deliver an app that takes advantage of the latest mobile and wearable technology and Windows 10 to provide an agile and efficient way of working at airports worldwide.”SITA AirsideApp allows seamless integration with the variety of back-end systems in use at airports, including departure control systems, flight information, roster and inventory management and third party services. The app’s integration to these various data sources combined with mobile precision timing ensures contextual and relevant data are displayed to ground agents based on their individual work activities.Dan Ebbinghaus, Senior Vice President, Communications and Infrastructure, SITA, said: “SITA and Microsoft have focused development on improving the workflow for ground staff at airports. By moving from paper-based checklists and operations, SITA AirsideApp eliminates fragmented processes and enables workforce collaboration. This agile way of working means it is easier to make the right decision quickly every time.”SITA AirsideApp opens the possibility to digitize additional ground processes from any location, on any mobile device. It enables real-time monitoring of events and processes from teams and third parties.All activity recorded and collected by mobile users, such as fuelling, cleaning, catering deliveries, gate openings and passenger check-in, are displayed for supervisors on a clear business intelligence dashboard.In addition, by enabling better information sharing and communication across mobile users it improves collaboration across various groups to provide better real-time visibility of event and improve disruption management.AirsideApp can also support mobile point-of-sales allowing agents to easily sell ancillary services such as lounge access, seat upgrades, excess bag charges or duty-free orders. This can be done on the spot without the hassle of paper-based operations and inventory reconciliation.SITA AirsideApp is a cloud-based mobility solution designed to be easily customized and integrated within individual and unique customer ecosystems.It is backed by SITA’s global services team of more than 2,000 IT service professionals and field engineers on the ground at airports. Together they proactively monitor SITA application and network services 24/7, identifying and resolving issues before they have an impact.SITA AirsideApp is part of SITA’s showcase of technology at the 2016 Air Transport IT Summit taking place 24-26 May in Barcelona. SITA AirsideAppSource = SITAlast_img read more

Illegal pesticides being used in Larnaca

first_imgA total of three fields of tomatoes were found to have been treated with illegal pesticides in the Larnaca area, just days after a number of contaminated strawberries were detected by the agriculture department.The agriculture ministry is now debating what measures to take.“We will definitely do something, but it is too early to say what,” said Marios Adamides, head of the agrochemicals and feeding staff at the ministry.There are two options. The agriculture director can negotiate an out-of-court settlement of up to €2,000, or if the case goes to court charges of up to €20,000 or two years in jail may be imposed.For now, the tomatoes are being destroyed, as were the strawberries.“When they mature, the farmers have to collect them and notify the health ministry, and they are destroyed under the supervision of inspectors, until the fields are totally free from the biocide,” Adamides explained.The chemical being used is chlorfenapyr, an insecticide, and according to EU law no trace of it is allowed to be present in fruits and vegetables.The actions of the agriculture and health ministry, who cooperate closely, are part of a routine yearly plan to protect the consumer.From March 23 until April 25 they collected 60 samples, and more tests are planned for Limassol and Paphos in the near future.12 of the samples contained the banned chemical.Head of the health services Alvertos Karis said that consuming strawberries contaminated with pesticides does not cause an immediate health problem. This, he said, occurs when someone consumes fruit or other foodstuff ridden with pesticides for a long period of time.He urged members of the public to avoid buying fruit and vegetables from street vendors as there is no way of knowing the production conditions.“We don’t know where they got them from, if pesticide was used, we don’t know if the produce was harvested at the right time or before the pesticides wore off,” Karis said.Fruit markets and supermarkets keep records of who supplied them with fruit and vegetables and it is easy to trace the producers, he added.Adamides urged customers who have information about the use of illegal pesticides to report them by calling the agriculture department at 22-408646 in order to help fight the illegal activities which ultimately damage our health.You May LikeNutrition ExpertYou Will Never Eat Another Banana Knowing ThisNutrition ExpertUndoDIYnFun.com20 Storage Ideas for a Small KitchenDIYnFun.comUndoFood Eat Safe9 Heart-Healthy Foods to Work into Your DietFood Eat SafeUndo Greek Prime Minister in Cyprus for official visitUndoBritain preparing for a no-deal BrexitUndoFour dead in California garlic festival shootingUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more